The bark in the dark.

Our Blue Read, Write, Inc. group wrote some fantastic stories about a guard dog called Barker this morning!

They used lots of different techniques to build up tension and to scare the reader.

Here is some of their work:

Suddenly there was flying glass…Out of nowhere someone threw a rock. Barker heard a big loud BANG. Barker was frightened of the glass. He heard a big footstep outside. The thief put his head through the window. Barker barked! The thief ran away.


Year 1

Out of nowhere Barker heard little footsteps coming to the window…the thieves had stolen a hammer from Dad’s toolbox. They used the hammer and broke the window and Barker bit one of the thieves! He was bleeding. The thief wanted to scream. Barker was terrified and frightened but the thieves ran away. Everyone said “Barker you are a star”.


Year 1 

Bailey the YouTuber

I have been watching YouTube for a few years now and have always enjoyed watching other YouTubers playing games.

I always hoped that one day I would become a YouTuber and record my own videos but I was too nervous. Then Miss Craighan taught us how to vlog-which is how I started my channel. Without her I wouldn’t have had the courage and knowledge to record any videos.

bailey b

Check out Bailey’s channel ‘Mega Legit Gaming’ by visiting:

Young Voices – Sheffield Arena, 19.1.16

Here is what Sophie (6) and Grace (7) from Year 2 had to say about their very first Young Voices experience:

Sophie: When we got there we found our seats, we were right at the bottom, near the stage!

Grace: I felt nervous because I knew that everybody would be able to see us and would be looking to see if we knew our words.

Sophie: Next we practiced singing all the songs, we practiced with someone called Tom Billington. I thought it was a bit weird that he held his nose in Video Killed The Radio Star. He ran around and kept popping up in different places in the choir! He was lots of fun.

Grace: I liked Laura Wright, she was very good and I really liked her long white dress. It was lovely and she was very pretty!

Sophie: Andy from the DVD came to dance with us, he is very funny. We had to copy his dancer friends from Urban Strides. They helped us to remember the actions, they were super dancers!

Sophie: Barney from Blue Peter was there too! He had a special challenge. He had to conduct the choir.

Grace: I was amazed that we might get to be on Blue Peter and it was really exciting that we got to see Barney.

Grace: I was very nervous at the start because there were hundreds of people there and I’m not used to singing in front of so many people!

Sophie: I was used to it because I went to see my big sister sing at Young Voices last year! I had to wait until I was old enough to join it, it was worth the wait!

Grace: I loved it! I would like to go again next year because it was really big and I like big stuff! It was better than I ever imagined.

Sophie: I would like to go again too! It feels like you are on top of the world because it is ginormous!

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Tuck Shop

Over the last few weeks Student Council have been planning a tuck shop which will include all sorts of healthy snacks including: dried fruits such as raisins, sultanas, banana chips, raisin yogurts; cereal bars like Alpen, Special Kay, Harvest Chewees and fresh fruit.

For people who like a variety there will be mixed bags of dried fruit. There will also be a fresh fruit of the week! Grapes are very popular!

The tuck shop will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will also be having ‘Toast Friday’! Toast will be sold at 20p a slice.


Class 4

Blue Planet

Monday 1st February 2016

As a class, in year 5-6 , we went on a school trip to Blue Planet Aquarium. There was so much to learn, and to discover about the amazing mysterious sea creatures/creatures! We went on this magnificent trip due to our topic (water, water everywhere! ).

We got to watch an amazing under water show, and we got to see some divers swimming with the sharks and deadly creatures! It was very fascinating as I had never seen anyone swim with sharks! I can tell you now , I wouldn’t ever dare swim with them!


But you haven’t heard the best part yet……!

There was a very unique tunnel with a moving floor, which took you through the middle of the sea creature’s humungous tank. When I was travelling through the tank on the moving rubber floor, I imagined that I was lost in the sea with all the wonderful creatures. Some were big , some were small and some were so tiny that you would probably need the world’s strongest microscope to be able to study them properly. The roof of the tunnel was made out of glass too. I loved staring up at the roof as the big graceful rays spread their wings like butterflies soaring through the sky in the summer. I was lost in my own world, and I would love to be a fish in the tank, with nothing on my mind, just carelessly swimming around with all of my sea creature friends around me.

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The graceful music entranced me and made me as quite as a mouse. I was gently being moved by the magical moving floor. I was lost in all the different colours, where ever I looked there was something new for my eyes to scan and something else to discover and learn about each different species. It was a totally amazing and different experience.


I would rate this school trip 10/10. I think it was a super day and would be suitable for all ages! Check out their website at !


Class 4


Gangsta Granny – David Walliams

I am currently reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams and I love it! I don’t really like reading much (I prefer maths!) but I recently discovered Walliams’ books and they’re great.

I love how his stories have great story lines as well as humour and good morals. So far I have read The Boy in the Dress and Billionaire Boy. It normally takes me months to read a whole book but I can read one of these books in days because I just cant put them down! I cannot wait to read his new book, I don’t know what I will do when I have read everything he has written.

I would recommend his books to everyone, especially children aren’t huge fans of reading…I promise you, you will not be able to stop reading!

Thank you David Walliams!


Year 6


Head boy and Head girl elections

When reading the children’s end of year questionnaires Mrs Womersley found that they thought the school would benefit from appointing a Head boy and Head girl.It was suggested that a sensible and reliable boy and girl from Year 6 should be elected by their peers to assist the School Council in continuing to make West Bretton School somewhere to be proud of.

Alexander, Mikala, Isobel and Brianna delivered their speeches to the whole school in Monday morning’s assembly. All four children did a fantastic job and made the staff and pupils of West Bretton proud.


Below you can find copies of the candidate’s speeches and presentations:


Brianna’s Head Girl Presentation



My name is Alexander,

I’s like to be head boy.

When you’ve heard all the speeches,

I hope you make the right choice.

I’m sensible and organised,

With a sympathetic ear.

So if you have a problem,

You know I’m always here.

I’ll give any adult, child or visitor,

My very well mannered respect.

I’ll do my best for everyone,

It’s the least you can expect.

I’d be honoured if you chose me,

Ahead of all the rest,

And ill give you 110% effort

To make West Bretton the best!



Isobel’s Head Girl Presentation

Isobel also made a music video with her friends to show during assembly.



Mikala delivered a heart felt speech about why she should be voted head girl. Her speech included quotes from her friends about her and lots of fantastic ideas about how she would help the school change for the better. Mikala articulately described herself as reliable, approachable and hard working, all traits a Head Girl should have!


The new Head boy and Head girl of West Bretton Junior and Infant school are…

Isobel and Alex!


Year 6’s trip to Robinwood

On the 18th – 20th of September, six of our Year 6 children went on their class residential trip with Netherton School to Robinwood.

We had a fantastic time and the activities were great. Our leaders were Mike, Matthew, Shazia they were all amazing and very supportive.

First we did the night line it was all about working as a team by passing messages. We all had goggles on and we couldn’t see anything, there was a rope we had to follow through obstacles.

Next,we did the water activities like canoeing and raft building. Canoeing was great we learnt how to move the boat in different directions by using our oar. We also played lots of games in our canoe. Raft building was fun, when we had made our rafts we tested them on the lake (people kept falling in). At the end we did a sky dive into the lake it was freezing.

In the evening we did a team challenge where we had to split up in to teams and played games. The group with the most ping pong balls won! Before bed we had hot chocolate, the first night was scary because some of us hadn’t stayed away from home before but the night staff were great put us at ease.

The next day was packed with activities like the trapeze. The trapeze was very scary because we had to jump off a 4 metre high platform and grab onto a pole. The zip-wire was next it was so long and high. Everyone loved the giant swing and the faces people pulled were hilarious. We did lots more activities over all three days.

We loved our time at Robin wood and would like to to say thank you to all the staff.

Have a look at what we got up to:

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Isobel Year 6

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth!

n Wednesday the 9th of September West Bretton School celebrated Queen Elizabeth II being the longest reigning monarch. During morning assembly the whole school stood and practiced the National Anthem to celebrate. Each class then spent an afternoon learning about the Queen and why she is so important in modern Britain.

Class 2

Class 2 spent time designing the Queen some new crown jewels, making their own Union Jacks and decorating crowns with words related to the royal family and the Queen herself. Here’s what they had to say:

‘I am colouring in a crown and other things that the Queen has got. I am doing it because it is the Queens anniversary, she has been the Queen for 63 years.’ Cameron

‘I am colouring in an Union Jack, it is red, blue and white. It is our countries flag. We are celebrating the Queen’s anniversary, she has been Queen for the longest!’ Gracie Q

‘We are decorating crowns using words about the Queen, I have written gems and palace so far. I have written palace because she lives in Buckingham palace.’Evie C

‘The Queen has got grey hair and is very special. She sometimes wears a cloak and is very important. I will put the word ‘important’ on my crown.’ Lori

Foundation Stage

Foundation stage built castles fit for a Queen, drew portraits, made crowns AND DRESSED LIKE ROYALTY! They have learnt a lot today!

‘We are making pictures of the Queen and making crowns, I like the Queen.’ Zara

‘It’s Queen day! She has been sitting on her chair for a very long time!’ Maisey

‘The Queen’s job is to look after everyone in the country. She wears a pretty dress and a crown, a dazzling crown! She wears clip-clop shoes. She is on money and pennies and stamps.’ Isla

‘She lives in a castle and she does work all over the world.’ Jacob

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Each child in Class 3 took the role of ‘Royal Artist’ and produced some fantastic portraits of Queen Elizabeth.

‘We are sketching the Queen because she is the longest reigning British monarch’ Maddy

Class 4 spent time researching the Queen’s life so they could create beautiful pieces of work to display around school. The children found out about many things including the Queen’s different houses, different Prime Ministers that have served under the Queen and the Queen’s family.

‘We are researching the Queen because she is the longest reigning monarch, longer that Queen Victoria.’ Grace

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II we at West Bretton Junior and Infant School hope you reign for many years to come!

Sing to the Top!

On the 22nd and 23rd of June a number of schools from the Wakefield District, Phil Needham and Geraldine Gaunt from Wakefield Music Hub all came together at Wakefield Theatre Royal to put on a performance of the school musical ‘Sing to the top’. The children and staff spent two days and one fantastic performance as students and teachers at ‘Pasture Best School’. This was a valuable experience for the schools involved and was truly enjoyed by cast and audience alike!

Below is a recount of the final day written by one of the children involved.

It was the final day of  the ‘Sing to the top’ rehearsals, and we were ready to get on the coach- a luxurious purple one- and pick up St James.

When we arrived, we got straight on to the stage and sang the finale – Aspire. I was so excited for the evening because my Mum and Dad were coming to watch and we were performing in front of a full house of people!

Learning the actions was fun; although it was very squashy, we were like sardines in a tin! My (and probably everyone else’s) legs ached, because we were stood up for ages, but it did have to be perfect.

Phew! Lunchtime! Whilst busily chatting to Anwen and Sophie (and obviously munching lunch), we heard Oliver (Ivor Nadir) testing his microphone. He said things like ‘I love chickens’ and ‘I once dyed my hair pink’.

Afterwards, we got our T-shirts from Geraldine Gaunt and Phil Needham, they wrote and organised ‘Sing to the top’. Our dress rehearsal looked amazing with all the dazzling bright colours! Every minute was coming together like a wonderful jigsaw.

Finally, after I had been home for tea it was showtime! Lights flashed down on us and we could feel the heat.

Wow! It was off to a good start, with everyone remembering their lines and singing the right notes. Last song. Come on, “We can do this” I thought. At last, when we sung the last note we got a rapturous applause- we felt so good! It just proved that when everyone came together to sing, they really can ‘Sing to the top’!


Year 6

The musical production was so successful our KS2 children performed it for their families, friends and the community back at school!

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‘Really enjoyed the performance – easily the best one yet!!’

The children and staff of West Bretton J & I School would like to thank all involved with the production, especially Phil Needham and Geraldine Gaunt without whom the experience would not have been possible.

Class 4’s trip to Gravity

Class 4 had a wonderful time at Gravity, a trampoline park, in July. When the children returned to school they were challenged to write a Kennings Poem about their experience. A Kenning is a two word phrase describing an object, a Kennings Poem is made up of several Kennings to describe something or someone. Here is a fabulous example written by a member of Class 4:


Ankle slayer

Risk taker

Bum bouncer

Front flipper

Slam dunker

Breath taker

Speed runner

High jumper


Year 6

Archery Club

Every Tuesday for the past 6 weeks, the children have been attending archery club and have really enjoyed it. For the first 15 minutes they have been doing skills, like shooting at targets. Then the next 30 minutes a game, which changes every week. For the last 15 minutes they play a maths game. In this game they play against another person, the instructor calls out a time table the first one that gets the answer right, has to shoot the other person. The winners go to the right side and the unlucky ones go to the left .They do this until 2 people are remaining .


Opinions about archery club.

Do you like archery club?

Anwen: Yes because it’s something we have never done and is a  great opportunity .

Lottie: Of course – it is different every week and because we haven’t done archery before.

Oliver : Yes because I like the games.

Sam: Its good because I get to practice for the archery I do out of school.

Which is your favourite part of archery?

Anwen : The games because it is lots of fun and challenging.

Lottie: The games because I enjoy playing with different people.

Oliver: The bigger games because you can shoot other people.

Sam: The games, especially capture the flag.

Do you think it is challenging?

Anwen: Yes because there are different games and you learn something new.

Lottie: Yes because I think I have improved from attending archery.

Oliver : It wasn’t as challenging for me because I have done it before.

 Do you like the teacher?

Anwen: Yes because he is enthusiastic.

Oliver: He was nice and encouraging.

Do you feel safe?

Lottie :Yes because there are strict rules and if we don’t stick to them we get sent off.

Anwen: yes because we are not allowed to shoot above the waist and we have to wear helmets.


As you can see all of the children have really enjoyed archery. Year ¾ are all exited to now attend this club.

Class 2’s forest trip

Last half term Class 2 were lucky enough to visit the forest as part of there ‘Houses and homes’ topic. While they were there they built dens, made fire and even toasted marshmallows!

Here is what two children had to say about the day:

I found a dinosaur fossil near the den, it was hard and looked like a dinosaur. There were more fossils but I found this one. I’m going to bring it back in to school and show everyone and tell them about it.

We made a fire with wood, we used flint. There was a bow drill that spun a stick. The stick made the wood hot and a made fire. We toasted marshmallows and ate them with chocolate digestive biscuits.

We all made dens out of blue stuff and twigs. We used camouflage, the blue stuff wasn’t camouflage so we used a net with leaves. The camouflage kept the den safe because it looked like leaves and people weren’t able to see it.


Year 1

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I was very excited to go to the forest because I thought there would be lots of exciting things to see and do.

We tried to make fire. We used special things to set cotton wool on fire. We rubbed them together, I couldn’t do it but I made it spark!

We all made dens, ours had a roof and no walls. It had logs in the door so no one could get in. We tied it with bits of string and decorated it with flowers and leaves. It was covered in a camouflage net so no one could see it and to keep us safe from danger.

We ate marshmallows and chocolate biscuits. The marshmallow got put on a stick and were held over the fire. When it got hot it was taken away and put between two chocolate biscuits. The stick was then taken away.

I loved going to the forest because it was lots of fun!


Year 2







The children even made food to go in their shelters and sofas. They had a Brussel sprout and a green leaf salad.
They loved making fire.

The children loved making the dens and Cameron found dinosaur bones!

Bailey’s half term diary


Dear Diary,

Today I went to Meadowhall, to the game shop. I went in hoping to get some Wii games but instead I got one for the Xbox One, OMG! When I got home I tore off the wrapping, plugged everything in, and started playing the game. I even installed a game called ‘The Witcher Wild Hunt’ first because it was an action game. It ages and by the time it had fully downloaded I was in bed.


Dear Diary,

Today I stayed in bed all day because I was very tired from yesterday. I felt very warm because outside it was sunny and I was wrapped up in a thick duvet.


Dear Diary,

Today, at 6:00pm, I went to the ‘Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at Leeds Arena. First of all the Daleks came on to the stage and announced “This stadium is now under Dalek command, orchestra start playing Dalek music!!”                                                    The conductor used his sonic baton and tried to fight the Daleks, LOL!

After another song the Cybermen came onstage. One nearly smaked me in the head because he couldn’t see very well. Soon after we all heard a big bang , one of the Cyber men was falling down the stairs! Next, after two hours of Doctor Who characters and music we got stuck in the car park for three hours (BORING).


Dear Diary,

Today I played on the Xbox One with my friend, Aiden. I played on the ‘Witcher Wild Hunt’ while Aiden was on my laptop. It was pretty boring after that though because Aiden had to go to his mums house.


Dear Diary,

Today I went on holiday to Southport, which is near Liverpool. It took a while but after two hours we finaly made it to the caravan park. While we were there we went to ‘Splash World’ and ‘Lazer Zone’. Unfortunately ‘Splash world wasn’t open so instead we went to the ‘ Stockport Food and Drink Festival’. It was Great!


Class 4

Class 3’s visit to Bagshaw Museum

First we got to school, we had all our lunch boxes on the tables ready for our trip to Bagshaw Museum. Next we went to the toilet because the bus journey was going to be half an hour long. Once every body came back we split up in to partners, ready to get on the bus. I was with Iona and we made sure that we were sat next to our other friends, Elizabeth and Amelie. It was great because we were singing songs and telling jokes…they were very funny!

Finally we arrived, we were split up in to two groups and put away our coats and bags. We were then ready to begin our introduction to the day. One group went upstairs and one group stayed down stairs, downstairs we were learning to be archaeologists by finding things in the sand.

After that we went upstairs and swapped with the other group. In the museum upstairs we saw lots of exciting things from ancient Egypt! Next we had our lunch before going in to another work shop. We learnt the fourteen ways to mummify people and Oliver volunteered to get wrapped up like a mummy!

It was then time to go home, I had a wonderful time!

By Ellie M

Year 4

Plans for the garden

In Student Council this year we have worked towards many different goals (and achieved all of them!).

This term we have put our main focus on the garden. At our school we love being able to do outdoor activities and enjoying the fresh air and sun; for this reason we decided to re-do our garden. Lots of people worked hard to prepare this and help make this happen.

In our first Student Council meeting we discussed the changes that needed to be made, the things we needed to do to make these changes and finally the ideas regarding the project.

We then met up together, two weeks later, at lunch time to take measurements and discuss what we wanted to do with the garden: we came to the conclusion of getting paving stones to pave the entire garden.


After weeks of planning we decided to get year 5/6 (the eldest pupils in school) involved. Last Friday we tidied up the garden and enjoyed it very much! We weeded all four beds and chose where to re-plant some trees on the field.

We haven’t finished the garden yet but we are having so much fun making our school nicer!

By Olivia H


Student Council

EYFS Expressive arts and design

Upper Foundation Stage did some fantastic investigative learning yesterday afternoon.

The children were presented with a number of mysterious white tubs during their free flow activity. By reading the labels and looking inside they were able to identify the contents…powder paint! It was discovered that if the powder paint was mixed with water it would turn in to a liquid and no matter how much powder was added, the liquid would not turn back to a powder.

With their newly created liquid paint the children painted their own mini-beasts. They were then challenged to use the powder paint to colour in a large butterfly that had been outlined on the playground. By using the smooth, fine powder the butterfly was filled with a rainbow of colours. It was also found that new colours could be created by mixing the existing colours! The children even recognised that if the looked at their creation from above the could figure out what parts of their creation required a little more attention.

Here is what some of our children thought:

Darcy: We made a massive butterfly with lots of colours.

Orlaith: We looked at it from the climbing frame, we could see it better because it is higher. The paint was like powder.

Darcy: We mixed the powder with water and it went like coloured water.

Orlaith: We used our hands and rollers to mix the coloured powder.

Darcy: I got paint in my hair making snow angels in the powder.

Orlaith: The paint angels mixed the paint to make different colours.

Netball tournament at Horbury Academy

On the 15th April, some year 5/6 children played a pyramid Net Ball tournament at Horbury  Academy.

We took 2 teams:

Team 1: Sophie ,Dylan , Sam ,Mia and Anwen.

Team 2: Isobel ,Lottie ,Edward ,Olivia and Alistair.

We came 6th and 4th and we really enjoyed it! It’s the taking part that counts after all!

t.a.a.rget Archery Workshop

On Monday and Tuesday this week we were very fortunate because we had an archery workshop all afternoon. We did lots of fun archery activities. We did some training where we had to shoot the target and we even got to shoot the trainer. As well as this we played a game where we had to shoot each other and hit the targets.

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We are holding an archery after school club for six weeks, every Tuesday from the 28th of April, with no cost to parents. The places have all been taken, sorry for any disappointment.

All of the children have loved doing archery, and the children who have signed up for the club, are all very excited.

Isobel and Mikala

Sports Council



Light Painting Workshop

As part of ‘Science Week’ the children of West Bretton were lucky enough to welcome artist Hadeep Sahota to spend three days in school teaching them to light paint. Hardeep, who carries out art and dance workshops in schools, is an IGNITE artist who works closely with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Light painting, or light drawing, is a photography technique that involves moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph. It can be used either to light up a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera.


Here’s what the children thought:

My favourite part of the day was the light painting because you can make anything out of light. My other favorite part was the pixelstick picture becuse it was fun when Hardeep ran around us with the pixel stick!

Austin- Year 5

I liked it when we took the pictures and created some really cool patterns. It was fun! The other things I liked were making the wire models and the acting. I wish we could do it again!

Dylan- Year 6

When the artist came in it was really fun! We had a picture of a sculpture that we had to make a story up about. Next we did some acting, it was really funny when we were watching everybody perform.

Maddy- Year 3

I liked the light painting because it was colourful and pretty, especially the pixel stick. I also liked the story making because you could be really creative. I would like to do it again but make sculptures with clay instead of wire.

Brianna- Year 5

I liked it when we wrote down what we thought different pictures of sculptures were about. I allowed me to let my mind go where it hadn’t gone before and let my be adventurous with my thoughts. I enjoyed making wire sculptures because you could be abstract and make whatever you liked. I would like to get better at light painting because some of our pictures weren’t very clear. I would like to try it again with more lights.

Sam L- Year 6

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I enjoyed light painting, it was very fun! I liked that it was different to what we normally do in art. Light painting is great and the drama was really funny.

Lilly- Year 4

I liked making wire sculptures because it was really fun and i got to use my imagination. I also liked light painting because it was really pretty and colourful. I would really like to take light painting much further and do a lot more of it!

Freya- Year 6

I enjoyed light painting because at the end Hardeep ran around us with a huge pixel stick. I liked making the wire sculptures too because I made a person and my friend made a hat!

Bailey- Year 5

When the artist came in it was so fun because we got to use digital cameras to take pictures of light!

Frances- Year 3

It was an amazing experience! I learnt a lot of different things about light. Overall my favourite part of the day was the light painting because you could express yourself. I would love to try and experiment at home!

Olivia H- Year 6

BBC Radio 2 – 500 WORDS

The very talented Lottie, from Year 6, has written a fictional story for BBC Radio 2’s ‘500 WORDS’ competition and will be competing against 120, 421 children. Lottie will be entered in to the ’10-13 years’ catagory and her story will be judged on: Originality, plot, characterisation, language and enjoyment. We wish her the very best of luck!

Panther Goes Down in Treetoptown The jungle was in jeopardy. Ollie the orang-utan, ruler of the Kingdom of Treetoptown, had lost his magic coconut! It held all of his magical powers, and, without it, the Kingdom would be totally out of order! Already, parrots with feathers that looked as if rainbows had been squashed into them, squawked in despair; cheeky, chattering monkeys with orange afros as big as clouds, started to lose hope – all because of the stolen coconut. Yes, stolen! An evil, scheming villain, Pete the Panther, had taken the coconut at the crack of dawn, in order to rule the whole jungle by himself! Meanwhile, Ollie was thinking up a plan to outwit Pete – his enemy, and to reclaim the coconut. He saw some monkeys hanging down from a tree, and it gave him a cheeky plan. Packing some bananas, he whistled six monkeys over; they all agreed that they needed to get the coconut back. And fast! As they were travelling to the spot where Pete the Panther was lurking – the twisted tree – Ollie told the troop the plan, and there were shouts of, “We can defeat him!” and, “Yeah, great idea!” Suddenly Ollie and the monkeys stopped dead in their tracks. They had spied Pete, lying stretched out under the tree, clutching their coconut, and they wanted revenge. Luckily they were behind Pete, which made it easier to slink towards him. Tiptoeing through the tangled vines, they held their breath. Upon reaching the tree, the six monkeys edged along the trailing branch hanging above the dozing panther. They knew exactly where to position themselves; they were Treetoptown monkeys! The first one slid stealthily off the branch, with another holding onto his legs, and then the same with the second, third and so on, until they were all lined up, ready for the catch. The closest one to Pete the Panther was about 10cm above his head, so if one slipped, the plan could go terribly wrong. Gathering all of his strength and courage, the brave monkey reached out to grab the treasured coconut. Without faltering, two little hands grasped the coconut, carefully lifting it to safety. Pete flinched! Slowly turning his head, he roared and glared at the line of clinging, nervous little monkeys – one with the coconut held victoriously above his head! “Run!!!” cried Ollie. As quick as they could, the monkeys heaved one another up, clutching the coconut as if it were the scroll of destiny. Ollie suddenly stopped and, grabbing the bananas he had packed, he fired them directly into Pete’s mouth! Stunned, Pete dropped to the ground, giving the troop time to escape! Helplessly, Pete watched them swing through the vines to safety. In utter humiliation, he spat the bananas out of his mouth; he had been defeated! Grinning from ear to ear, and cartwheeling crazily, Ollie and the monkeys reached Treetoptown with the magic coconut. Gingerly Ollie placed the coconut back on the royal podium, and announced, “Mango cocktails anyone?!”

For more information look at the ‘BBC Radio 2 – 500 WORDS’ website by clicking on the picture below.


Egg Day

It is Friday the 27th of March and today is ‘Egg day’! 

‘Egg Day’ is the best day ever because everyone brings in an egg to decorate. All of the children are making lots of different themed eggs and some are very artistic.

Some of the egg themes in our class are :

Shark attack, Josegg and the Technicolor Dream Coat, Eggs got talent, Shregg and Donkey, Busy bee, Ballerina egg, Monstegg University and Scrambled egg!

There are lots and lots of different themes and every one worked very hard.

One of the egg designs is by Lily and called ‘A walk in the park’. It is egg-celent and has three bunnies and a waterfall made by mixing water with glitter. I am also amazed by a year three girl’s egg…it is an egg factory! She has used three or four eggs and it is very good. I can’t believe it!

Members of the  community have joined us for lunch and are judging which eggs are the best. It must be a very hard job.

It is now time to go in to assembly to see who has won! I am egg-cited to see who the winner is!

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Glee Club sung two songs at the start of the assembly and then the winners were announced. Each class had a first, second and third place prize. All the prizes were chocolate! The winning children were:

Foundation Stage: Darcy and Lucas, Ava C and Isaac.

Class 2: Joseph P, Eden and Melissa

Class 3: Lucy, Oliver and Frances

Class 4: Eli, Isobel and Lottie.

The winners of the easter egg raffle were then announced. Tickets were sold for 20p during the week. There were lots of prizes such as: Mars and Buttons easter eggs, Cadburys cream eggs, chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.

The whole school finished the assembly by singing Gary Barlow’s song ‘Sing’ for the community.  Our parents came to pick us up early and we were aloud to go on a tour around all of the eggs in the school.

Egg Day was great!

By Maddie and Frances

Inter-school production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

On Tuesday the 24h of March we had an exciting day! At school, we went in first for lunch because we had to set off at 12:30 to get to Hendal Primary School in time for our performance of ‘Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat’. Seventeen children and two adults  traveled to Hendal in cars, we went in Mrs Grindles car.

When we arrived we warmed up with some little songs, there was a funny song about a banana! After that we went to sit on the stage. At first I sat next to a girl from a different school and there was no room until she very kindly budged up so i could sit down properly. Next we practiced the Joseph songs with the other children taking part  from Crigglestone St James, Dane Royd, Mackie Hill, Hendal and a band from Salendine Nook High School. They came all the way from Huddersfield!


At 2:30 we were aloud a break and were given biscuits and juice. We then played outside and got a chance to meet and play with all the children from different schools. Some of us made friends and got to meet children who would be at the same high school in September.

We went back inside and carried on practicing the rest of the songs. After that we each were given coloured ‘Joseph’ T-shirts that were paid for by Wakefield Music Services! Ours were yellow and green.

Then it was time for tea, most of our school stayed at school and had a packed lunch but we went home to eat. Once we were all back at 5:45 we all lined up ready to start the performance. We all went in to the hall and sat on the stage where we could see all the parents that had come to watch us. Our head teacher was there too!


Sam was Pharaoh and did a really good job, he  got a special tie dye T-shirt for being so good at singing his solo! We had an amazing time and it was really fun because we were aloud to wear our coloured ‘Joseph’ T-shirts at school the next day!

By Grace and Brianna

Class 4’s Replies to Angel, Guanajuanto

Dear Angel,

We are responding to you to answer some of your questions.

Our favourite video games are Fifa15 and Minecraft, on Minecraft you build things and fight for survival. Also on creative mode Minecraft you build with your imagination. Our pets are a hamster and a cat, the hamster is called Yaya and the cat is called Dave.

We hope you can reply soon,

From Alex and Austin

Dear Angel

Hi I’m Isobel ,

To start off I love your name. I Really liked reading your message.

I do not have any pets but I love dogs. My granddad has a dog called Bob he comes to my every day after school. He sits on my knee and watches TV. My favourite game is on my IPad it’s called Minecraft. I like sports Too my favourite is Net Ball and Badminton. My Favorite Mexican food is Fajitas.

Thanks again for writing.

Dear Angel

Thank you for your reply.
I have 6 friends.
My friend’s names are Michael, Joshua, Oliver, Austin, Alexander and Aidan.
I play on my bike with my best friend called Aidan.
Sometimes me and Aidan go to the park.
My favourite object at the park is the tire swing
I love going to the beach because I collect shells.
What do you do when you are at the beach?
Bailey, Joshua and Michael.

Hi Angel,

We all loved reading your letters, and finding out about you. Your dog, Kimbo, sounds great, but sadly I (Lottie) don’t have any pets, Anwen has a cat called Chloe.

Our favourite television programme is Wolfblood. It’s about people turning into wolves, but it’s not actually that scary! We like programmes with action in them. What kind of programmes do you like?

We are a small school, so a lot of us are friends. We like to go swimming together, have sleepovers and go shopping!

Love Lottie and Anwen x

Comic Relief

I really liked ‘Red Nose Day’ because we sold lots of buns and gave all the money to charity!

Ellie M

On ‘Red Nose Day’ West Bretton School raised money by:

Selling buns, biscuits and cakes.
Wearing red.
How many sweets in the jar?
Glitter tattoos
Nail painting
2nd hand stall
Talent Show!

Red nose day is a day when you ‘make your face funny’ by wearing a red nose. This year some of the red noses looked like astronauts and vampires.

My favourite part was the talent show. It was good because there were lots of different acts!

Lucy F

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School Council did a fantastic job organising the days activities.

When it was ‘Red Nose Day’ we dressed in red and there were glitter tattoos, a bun stall and a second hand stall!


I enjoyed ‘Red Nose Day’ because there were lots of buns that tasted delicious! I also liked the glitter tattoos and nail painting.


We raised £265.21!!!

My favourite part was the talent show! I liked it because it was fun seeing everyone doing different things.


Glee Club’s performance in West Bretton Church


On Mothering Sunday, our school Glee Club went to West Bretton Church. Our Mums and Dads came to watch us sing, and they all really enjoyed it. We also sang hymns and said prayers.

The Vicar told us two stories, all about mothers caring for their children. We all said thank you to our lovely mums as well!

At the end Glee club gave out daffodils to all the women in the church. Also we had juice and buns at the end.

We really enjoyed our time at the church and we want to thank all the people that came to watch us.

We love spending time with the local community!

Watch our performance here:

By Anwen and Isobel

Glee Club


‘World Book Day’ Book review – Handa’s Surprise

On the 5th of March 2015 West Bretton School had their ‘World Book Day’. We had four books, one for each class. In foundation stage they read ‘The Tiger Child’ (India), in Key Stage 1 they read ‘Handa’s Surprise’ (Africa, my favourite), in Class 3 they read ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ (Great Britain’ and finally in Class 4 they read ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ (China). As you can tell the books were from different countries and cultures.



As I previously said my favourite book was ‘Handa’s Surprise’. I thought it was quite a funny story because she was completely oblivious to the animals taking her food. Also at the end she had no fruit for her friend, until luckily the goat knocked tangerines out of a tree into her basket. They were her friends favourite fruit.

IMG_0572 IMG_0574

Sam L

Year 6

‘World Book Day’ Book review – The Magic Paintbrush

At West Bretton we had our ‘World Book Day’ and it was awesome.

We read four books and they were: ‘The Queen’s Knickers’, ‘The Magic Paintbrush’, ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘The Tiger Child’. My favourite book was ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ by Julia Donaldson.

51TIpIQ7q+L‘The Magic Paintbrush’ was my favourite because there was action in the story and it made me feel tense wondering ‘What’s going to happen!?’.

IMG_0674 IMG_0634

The activities were good because we were able to try Chinese food like prawn crackers, rice, noodles and sweet chilli sauce.  We made a dragon and practised writing our name in Chinese.

IMG_0607 IMG_0566Dylan

Year 6


‘World Book Day’ Review – The Queens Knickers

Yesterday it was ‘World Book Day’ and we looked at four books in each of our four classes. In Year 5/6 we did ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ by Julia Donaldson, in Year 3/4 we did ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ by Nicholas Allan, in Year 1/2 we did ‘Handa’s Surprise” by Eileen Browne and last but not least in foundation stage we had ‘The Tiger Child’ by Joanne Trougton. My favourite was “The Queen’s Knickers’ because…


‘The Queen’s Knickers’ was really funny because the Queen had different knickers for every occasion! Every class that I went to had four or five activities but I thought that the activities for this book were the best. In Class 3 one of the activities was lunch with the Queen, where we had ham, cheese and jam sandwiches, a cup of tea and after our sandwich – a bun! We also decorated some knickers, made parachute and sailboat knickers, made crowns and found out information about the Queen’s family on the iPads.

IMG_0648 IMG_0620


Grace G

Year 5

‘World Book Day’ Book review- The Tiger Child

On the 5th of March, it was our World Book Day, where we look at different books and do activities based on them. This year we focused on multicultural books. We also got to dress up as book characters and it was fun to see what people had come as. This year we did four multicultural books, my favourite was ‘The Tiger Child’.


In ‘The Tiger Child’. a tiger sends his nephew out to get fire, but the nephew forgets what his uncle has asked for. He goes to lots of different houses, trying lots of different things, but still he cant remember what he was looking for. At the end, he remembers – it was fire! However by then, he was so used to people that he had turned in to a cat! That was my favourite part!

IMG_0631 IMG_0606


The activities we did were inspired by this book, because this book was from India, we tried some spices. We made tiger masks and a cushion, like the one that the tiger laid on. Also we painted a big tiger, and collaged it too! I would recommend the book, 5 stars! It was really fun!


Year 6

If i were the Prime Minister I would…

After reading the book ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ by Nicholas Allan on ‘World Book Day’ Class 3 were challenged to put themselves in David Cameron’s shoes.


Year 3/4 did a fantastic job of demonstrating their British values by completing the sentence: ‘If I were the Prime Minister I would…’. 

“If I were the Prime Minister I would make sure that people stop killing endangered animals.” Georgina

“If I were the Prime Minister I would make smoking illegal. I would also make keeping wild animals illegal.” Evie

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help make  people, animals and the Earth safer.” Oscar

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help save the environment and help save lives. I would bring all stray animals inside.” Oliver G

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help animals if they were in danger and give more to the poor.” Amelie

“If I were the Prime Minister I would give money to the poor and give them more food.” Wilf

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help people who are on the streets, give them some money and make everything safe.” Lucy

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help the poor people who don’t have any money and help wild animals.” Madeleine

“If I were the Prime Minister I would give poor people nice houses.” Iona

“If I were the Prime Minister I would ask the rich to help the poor.” Esther

Class 4 received some replies from Guanajuato, Mexico…


Hello Class 4! Long time no speak! We have been busy replying to the letters that you sent us a while ago!

Angel is a student at the university of Guanajuanto and he decided to write a reply to all of your letters!

Here are his replies along with some nice photos of him and his dog:

Hello little Freya!!

My name is Angel and I am a university student. I have a dog and his name is Kimbo. He is very playful and loves to wander around.I also have a small parrot and his name is Pedro, he likes to eat a lot and whistle. He is generally grumpy but he cheers up when I feed him and he scratches my finger with his beak. It´s fun to pet him.

Freya, why do you have so many horses? Do you like them a lot?

I look forward to hearing from you Freya!




Angel and his dog on top of one of the mountains that surround the city of Guanajuato.

Hey Oliver!!!

I´m Angel. What you wrote was very interesting and I liked it. I am also a student like you but I am in university. I read on your blog that in England it snows, the truth is that here in Guanajuato we have never felt a snow blizzard and so I would like to make a snowman like you have. Video games are also very popular here but I prefer playing basketball and walking my dog. His name is Kimbo and believe me- he is VERY playful. My favourite food is pizza- it´s the best! But you cant eat pizza all the time- fruit and vegetables are important too….remind Bailey and Freya of this too! What is your favourite video game Oliver? Do you have any pets?

Hope to hear from you Oliver,

Your friend Angel.

angelfoto 2

Kimbo as a puppy.

Hey there Bailey!

My name is Angel. Your questions are very good and I hope to answer them well. After school I take a bus to go home and I read on the bus. When I get home I sit down to eat with my family and then I do my homework to improve my studies. In my free time I like to walk my dog, play basketball and listen to music. On weekends I like to watch films if I finish my school work. My favourite food is pizza…but there is also something better than pizza…do you know what it is? Ask your friend Oliver! He knows!

Do you like to play out? How many friends do you have? And do you like the sea?

Hope to hear from you my friend,

Take care!



Angel and Kimbo taking a break after a long climb up the mountain.

Hello Ed!

I am Angel Missael and I am reading on your blog that your cat is called Doris and I remembered the film called Finding Nemo because in Spanish we translate ´Dori´ the fish to ´Doris´ the fish. I have a dog called Kimbo and the photo above is of when he was a puppy. He is now two years old. The other photo is when we climbed to a very high place to be still and quiet for a while. What is your favourite sport Ed? Have you ever tried Mexican food? What is your favourite, if so?

Well, take care Ed and try hard at school. I bet you are very smart my friend and remember to never stop smiling!

Hope to hear from you soon,



A photo of Angel with Guanajuato city in the background.

Hi Lottie!

My name is Angel and I enjoyed reading your blog post it was good. Now I have a friend on the other side of the world- you! And you have a friend in Mexico- me!

Okay, little friend, I am a student of the university in Guanajuato. You know, it is a very nice place it´s just that it never snows here. I want to make a snow fort too! Will you help me? I have never seen snow or built a snow man.

I have some questions for you:

Do you have a pet?

What is your favourite television programme?

Do you have many friends?

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Angel 🙂


Here is Guanajuato city just as the sun is setting.

Class 4’s Mexican Link

Class 4 received a very exciting email:

Dear Miss Riley and Class 4,

I have heard a lot of wonderful things about you all and your lovely school in West Bretton. My name is Alison Crosland and I am writing to you from the scorching mountains of Mexico. I have lived and travelled throughout many Latin American countries and I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese. But I am not from Mexico or any other Latin American country. In fact, I am from Wakefield too. I have climbed the Andes mountains, trekked through the Amazon jungle and danced in the Rio Carnival! But now I face my biggest challenge yet, and I need your help Class 4! People in Mexico speak Spanish, but to improve their chances at a better life, they need to speak OUR language: English. The students in my class would love the opportunity to practice their English with REAL ENGLISH people!! Just like you!! Mexico and England are very different countries. Our job would be to teach our Mexican students about our culture and history through video messaging and Skype. However, we live 6 HOURS behind English time, so when you are finishing your day at school….we are just beginning our day!!

So what do you say Class 4?!

Do you accept the mission??

Your friend,


Each member of Class 4 wrote a reply for Alison and her class. Below are the five messages that were chosen to be sent to Mexico.

Mission Accepted!

I am 9 years old. I’m writing to you and your pupils because I would like to share some info and ask you a couple of questions.

We have been doing Mayan art like lizards and dragons, you do very colourful art.     Also, it’s been snowy so we have had many snowball fights, built snow forts and snow men; it’s very FUN!

Apparently, it never ever snows over there and I was wondering if that’s actually true?

What kinds of festivals happen in Mexico?

Are Xboxes and PlayStations popular in Mexico?

From Oliver, Class 4.

 Dear Alison,

I’m writing to you to ask you some questions

1.What’s your favourite place? Mine is my yard where I keep 3 of my horses, I also have 3 other horses on loan; I go see them all the time.

2.Do you have any animals? I have 6 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 hamsters and a bearded dragon he’s called Elvis. I LOVE ANIMALS!

I will ask some more questions later.

Yours sincerely,


Hi Alison and class!

My name is Ed. I’m in year 6 that means I am one of the oldest in our school.                   We live in a place called Sandal in Wakefield. We have a cat called Doris [she is grumpy.] Do you have pets?

In England the weather changes it is hot or cold, mostly it is cold. I have heard it is mostly hot where you are. I prefer it hot.

What do you do in your free time? I play football or go on the Xbox.

From Ed, age 10

Dear Alison

Hi my name is Bailey and I love learning new things about different countries.      What do you like doing?

When I finish school I like playing outside with my friends.                                               What do you do when you finish school?

When it is playtime, I play with my best friends Joshua, Michael, Oliver and Austin. Who are your best friends?

When I get home my mother cooks me my favourite meal sausage and chips.

What do you eat?

Hi Alison and class,

We are really happy to have Amazing Americas as our topic and can’t wait to learn more about you. We are 9, 10 and 11 and in the last class in school, and our school is quite small and in the countryside. My name is Lottie and I like dancing and playing the violin. I live in Wakefield which is about in the middle of Great Britain.

At school we learn Maths and Literacy in the morning and different things in the afternoon like P.E, R.E, Topic, Science and art. We have 3 playtimes, one in the morning , one at lunch and one in the afternoon- do you have free time to go outside too?

A lot of people (like me) have things like Sunday lunch and fish and chips (usually when we go to the seaside).

Do you have special meals and things like that?

What lessons do you have at school?

From Lottie

Year 3/4’s Trip to Bradford Media Museum

On the 26th of February Class 3 visited Bradford Media Museum as part of their ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ Topic. When they returned each child was asked to write a recount of the day.

Here is Esther’s super piece of work:

On Tuesday, after a long coach trip, we arrived at the National Media Museum in Bradford. First we went to put our bags away and then we went to the lower ground floor to learn about lots of different cameras. Here is a list of the cameras: thermal imaging, web cam and also endoscope. We put the endoscope down Toby’s throat and we saw Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturrige. Brooke was an explainer, she also explained that she was a magician!


Next we went to the games room and we all played on lots of games. After that we all had lunch but we all didn’t finish because we only had twenty minutes. Afterwards we went to the Imax cinema, at the start of the film snow fell and ice shattered in to smithereens. Me and Mrs Scott had to dodge a snowball! The movie was called ‘The Arctic’ and it felt like you were taking part and stroking the animals, it was amazing!

Tagota Primary and Nursery School, Tanzania

The children and staff  from West Bretton School were lucky enough to receive a visit  from Mrs Elizabeth Kitally from Tagota Primary and Nursery School in Tanzania. We learnt that in Elizabeth’s school there are no computers and very few text books. We prepared lots of resourses for Elizabeth to take back to Tanzania with her and West Bretton’s ‘Chic Charity Club’ arranged a charity fashion show in order to raise money to by a laptop for Tagota Primary. We received this letter of thanks: IMG_0981As part of their ‘Out of Africa’ topic Class 2 children have written some letters to Tagota Primary and Nursery School thanking them for their kind letter and asking them questions about Africa.

Dear Mr Magoiga, We are writing to you because we want to be your partner school. We would like to know about the animals in your country, like animals from safari, maybe an elephant. What animals do you have in your country? Our topic is ‘Out of Africa’ can you tell us what you have in a country like yours? We like the letter you sent us and we loved the pictures as well. Thank you for everything you sent us. Love from Sofia Year 2

Year 5/6’s trip to Cadbury World

On the 10 th  of February Year 5/6 visited Cadbury’s World as part of their ‘Amazing Americas‘ topic. After returning they were asked to write a diary account of the day for which they were given a number of success criteria. The children were expected to write in the past tense, using time connectives, with correct punctuation. Their account also had to be written in time order include their thoughts and feelings. Here is Alistair’s fantastic recount…

Dear Diary, It was Tuesday morning, I woke up at 7o’clock in the morning. For a minute I thought that it was just going to be another boring day but then I realised it was the trip to Cadbury’s World! I rushed downstairs, put my clothes on and watched TV until my breakfast was ready. After I watched TV until my mum told me to brush my teeth. Afterwards I packed my bag and got in the car. After a few minutes we were at school and the coach hadn’t arrived yet. I walked in to school the coach still wasn’t here yet. When it did arrive we lined up and I went with Oliver on the coach. When we got on the seatbelts were really annoying. We set off and I got comfy because it was going to take us two and a half hours to get there! After a bit we played Top Trumps with Steven and Ted, when that was over we were only half way through our drive. When we finally got there it was massive. We left our bags on the coach and walked in. DSCI0063 When we got in it was heaven! I saw a giant chocolate bar on the wall and when I looked in the shop my mouth was watering. Meanwhile, when we were in the toilets, Mrs Meadows and Mrs Sellens we re getting the tickets. The toilets were luxurious. We walked through a door and we were in a giant Mayan Rainforest. On a board it said that two cocoa beans were worth a pumpkin and one hundred were worth a slave. After that we met a man who told us about the Mayans and the conquistadors. He showed us his Xbox was not as good as ours. We moved on through some streets with holograms that told us about cocoa beans. Then there was a lady who told us a little more about cocoa beans. When that was over we walked in to a room that told us about how the built Cadbury World. We moved on and saw some machines making chocolate, when we got upstairs we got in some cars and saw lots of mini cocoa bean people in summer and winter. Next we rushed down the stairs to a place where you got a cup of melted chocolate with whatever sweets you wanted and a lady showed us how they make chocolate in the olden days.

Afterwards we headed back to the coach and had our lunch then we went to the 4D cinema. We played a game first and then we went in to a cinema room. We sat in the chairs with special glasses on and the chairs rocked so it felt like you were in the movie. After that we went in to an adventure playground and played ‘infected’- that’s a different type of tig. When that was over we got on the coach and set off. After our long journey we arrived at school, we walked in to class and the teachers handed out the chocolate. It was a brilliant day!