Year 5/6’s trip to Cadbury World

On the 10 th  of February Year 5/6 visited Cadbury’s World as part of their ‘Amazing Americas‘ topic. After returning they were asked to write a diary account of the day for which they were given a number of success criteria. The children were expected to write in the past tense, using time connectives, with correct punctuation. Their account also had to be written in time order include their thoughts and feelings. Here is Alistair’s fantastic recount…

Dear Diary, It was Tuesday morning, I woke up at 7o’clock in the morning. For a minute I thought that it was just going to be another boring day but then I realised it was the trip to Cadbury’s World! I rushed downstairs, put my clothes on and watched TV until my breakfast was ready. After I watched TV until my mum told me to brush my teeth. Afterwards I packed my bag and got in the car. After a few minutes we were at school and the coach hadn’t arrived yet. I walked in to school the coach still wasn’t here yet. When it did arrive we lined up and I went with Oliver on the coach. When we got on the seatbelts were really annoying. We set off and I got comfy because it was going to take us two and a half hours to get there! After a bit we played Top Trumps with Steven and Ted, when that was over we were only half way through our drive. When we finally got there it was massive. We left our bags on the coach and walked in. DSCI0063 When we got in it was heaven! I saw a giant chocolate bar on the wall and when I looked in the shop my mouth was watering. Meanwhile, when we were in the toilets, Mrs Meadows and Mrs Sellens we re getting the tickets. The toilets were luxurious. We walked through a door and we were in a giant Mayan Rainforest. On a board it said that two cocoa beans were worth a pumpkin and one hundred were worth a slave. After that we met a man who told us about the Mayans and the conquistadors. He showed us his Xbox was not as good as ours. We moved on through some streets with holograms that told us about cocoa beans. Then there was a lady who told us a little more about cocoa beans. When that was over we walked in to a room that told us about how the built Cadbury World. We moved on and saw some machines making chocolate, when we got upstairs we got in some cars and saw lots of mini cocoa bean people in summer and winter. Next we rushed down the stairs to a place where you got a cup of melted chocolate with whatever sweets you wanted and a lady showed us how they make chocolate in the olden days.

Afterwards we headed back to the coach and had our lunch then we went to the 4D cinema. We played a game first and then we went in to a cinema room. We sat in the chairs with special glasses on and the chairs rocked so it felt like you were in the movie. After that we went in to an adventure playground and played ‘infected’- that’s a different type of tig. When that was over we got on the coach and set off. After our long journey we arrived at school, we walked in to class and the teachers handed out the chocolate. It was a brilliant day!  


One thought on “Year 5/6’s trip to Cadbury World

  1. Mrs Meadows says:

    Wow, Alistair, what a great diary entry with so much information! I’m so pleased you all enjoyed the trip so much, it was my favourite school trip ever!

    Mrs Meadows

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