Tagota Primary and Nursery School, Tanzania

The children and staff  from West Bretton School were lucky enough to receive a visit  from Mrs Elizabeth Kitally from Tagota Primary and Nursery School in Tanzania. We learnt that in Elizabeth’s school there are no computers and very few text books. We prepared lots of resourses for Elizabeth to take back to Tanzania with her and West Bretton’s ‘Chic Charity Club’ arranged a charity fashion show in order to raise money to by a laptop for Tagota Primary. We received this letter of thanks: IMG_0981As part of their ‘Out of Africa’ topic Class 2 children have written some letters to Tagota Primary and Nursery School thanking them for their kind letter and asking them questions about Africa.

Dear Mr Magoiga, We are writing to you because we want to be your partner school. We would like to know about the animals in your country, like animals from safari, maybe an elephant. What animals do you have in your country? Our topic is ‘Out of Africa’ can you tell us what you have in a country like yours? We like the letter you sent us and we loved the pictures as well. Thank you for everything you sent us. Love from Sofia Year 2


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