Year 3/4’s Trip to Bradford Media Museum

On the 26th of February Class 3 visited Bradford Media Museum as part of their ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ Topic. When they returned each child was asked to write a recount of the day.

Here is Esther’s super piece of work:

On Tuesday, after a long coach trip, we arrived at the National Media Museum in Bradford. First we went to put our bags away and then we went to the lower ground floor to learn about lots of different cameras. Here is a list of the cameras: thermal imaging, web cam and also endoscope. We put the endoscope down Toby’s throat and we saw Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturrige. Brooke was an explainer, she also explained that she was a magician!


Next we went to the games room and we all played on lots of games. After that we all had lunch but we all didn’t finish because we only had twenty minutes. Afterwards we went to the Imax cinema, at the start of the film snow fell and ice shattered in to smithereens. Me and Mrs Scott had to dodge a snowball! The movie was called ‘The Arctic’ and it felt like you were taking part and stroking the animals, it was amazing!


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