Class 4’s Mexican Link

Class 4 received a very exciting email:

Dear Miss Riley and Class 4,

I have heard a lot of wonderful things about you all and your lovely school in West Bretton. My name is Alison Crosland and I am writing to you from the scorching mountains of Mexico. I have lived and travelled throughout many Latin American countries and I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese. But I am not from Mexico or any other Latin American country. In fact, I am from Wakefield too. I have climbed the Andes mountains, trekked through the Amazon jungle and danced in the Rio Carnival! But now I face my biggest challenge yet, and I need your help Class 4! People in Mexico speak Spanish, but to improve their chances at a better life, they need to speak OUR language: English. The students in my class would love the opportunity to practice their English with REAL ENGLISH people!! Just like you!! Mexico and England are very different countries. Our job would be to teach our Mexican students about our culture and history through video messaging and Skype. However, we live 6 HOURS behind English time, so when you are finishing your day at school….we are just beginning our day!!

So what do you say Class 4?!

Do you accept the mission??

Your friend,


Each member of Class 4 wrote a reply for Alison and her class. Below are the five messages that were chosen to be sent to Mexico.

Mission Accepted!

I am 9 years old. I’m writing to you and your pupils because I would like to share some info and ask you a couple of questions.

We have been doing Mayan art like lizards and dragons, you do very colourful art.     Also, it’s been snowy so we have had many snowball fights, built snow forts and snow men; it’s very FUN!

Apparently, it never ever snows over there and I was wondering if that’s actually true?

What kinds of festivals happen in Mexico?

Are Xboxes and PlayStations popular in Mexico?

From Oliver, Class 4.

 Dear Alison,

I’m writing to you to ask you some questions

1.What’s your favourite place? Mine is my yard where I keep 3 of my horses, I also have 3 other horses on loan; I go see them all the time.

2.Do you have any animals? I have 6 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 hamsters and a bearded dragon he’s called Elvis. I LOVE ANIMALS!

I will ask some more questions later.

Yours sincerely,


Hi Alison and class!

My name is Ed. I’m in year 6 that means I am one of the oldest in our school.                   We live in a place called Sandal in Wakefield. We have a cat called Doris [she is grumpy.] Do you have pets?

In England the weather changes it is hot or cold, mostly it is cold. I have heard it is mostly hot where you are. I prefer it hot.

What do you do in your free time? I play football or go on the Xbox.

From Ed, age 10

Dear Alison

Hi my name is Bailey and I love learning new things about different countries.      What do you like doing?

When I finish school I like playing outside with my friends.                                               What do you do when you finish school?

When it is playtime, I play with my best friends Joshua, Michael, Oliver and Austin. Who are your best friends?

When I get home my mother cooks me my favourite meal sausage and chips.

What do you eat?

Hi Alison and class,

We are really happy to have Amazing Americas as our topic and can’t wait to learn more about you. We are 9, 10 and 11 and in the last class in school, and our school is quite small and in the countryside. My name is Lottie and I like dancing and playing the violin. I live in Wakefield which is about in the middle of Great Britain.

At school we learn Maths and Literacy in the morning and different things in the afternoon like P.E, R.E, Topic, Science and art. We have 3 playtimes, one in the morning , one at lunch and one in the afternoon- do you have free time to go outside too?

A lot of people (like me) have things like Sunday lunch and fish and chips (usually when we go to the seaside).

Do you have special meals and things like that?

What lessons do you have at school?

From Lottie


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