Class 4 received some replies from Guanajuato, Mexico…


Hello Class 4! Long time no speak! We have been busy replying to the letters that you sent us a while ago!

Angel is a student at the university of Guanajuanto and he decided to write a reply to all of your letters!

Here are his replies along with some nice photos of him and his dog:

Hello little Freya!!

My name is Angel and I am a university student. I have a dog and his name is Kimbo. He is very playful and loves to wander around.I also have a small parrot and his name is Pedro, he likes to eat a lot and whistle. He is generally grumpy but he cheers up when I feed him and he scratches my finger with his beak. It´s fun to pet him.

Freya, why do you have so many horses? Do you like them a lot?

I look forward to hearing from you Freya!




Angel and his dog on top of one of the mountains that surround the city of Guanajuato.

Hey Oliver!!!

I´m Angel. What you wrote was very interesting and I liked it. I am also a student like you but I am in university. I read on your blog that in England it snows, the truth is that here in Guanajuato we have never felt a snow blizzard and so I would like to make a snowman like you have. Video games are also very popular here but I prefer playing basketball and walking my dog. His name is Kimbo and believe me- he is VERY playful. My favourite food is pizza- it´s the best! But you cant eat pizza all the time- fruit and vegetables are important too….remind Bailey and Freya of this too! What is your favourite video game Oliver? Do you have any pets?

Hope to hear from you Oliver,

Your friend Angel.

angelfoto 2

Kimbo as a puppy.

Hey there Bailey!

My name is Angel. Your questions are very good and I hope to answer them well. After school I take a bus to go home and I read on the bus. When I get home I sit down to eat with my family and then I do my homework to improve my studies. In my free time I like to walk my dog, play basketball and listen to music. On weekends I like to watch films if I finish my school work. My favourite food is pizza…but there is also something better than pizza…do you know what it is? Ask your friend Oliver! He knows!

Do you like to play out? How many friends do you have? And do you like the sea?

Hope to hear from you my friend,

Take care!



Angel and Kimbo taking a break after a long climb up the mountain.

Hello Ed!

I am Angel Missael and I am reading on your blog that your cat is called Doris and I remembered the film called Finding Nemo because in Spanish we translate ´Dori´ the fish to ´Doris´ the fish. I have a dog called Kimbo and the photo above is of when he was a puppy. He is now two years old. The other photo is when we climbed to a very high place to be still and quiet for a while. What is your favourite sport Ed? Have you ever tried Mexican food? What is your favourite, if so?

Well, take care Ed and try hard at school. I bet you are very smart my friend and remember to never stop smiling!

Hope to hear from you soon,



A photo of Angel with Guanajuato city in the background.

Hi Lottie!

My name is Angel and I enjoyed reading your blog post it was good. Now I have a friend on the other side of the world- you! And you have a friend in Mexico- me!

Okay, little friend, I am a student of the university in Guanajuato. You know, it is a very nice place it´s just that it never snows here. I want to make a snow fort too! Will you help me? I have never seen snow or built a snow man.

I have some questions for you:

Do you have a pet?

What is your favourite television programme?

Do you have many friends?

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Angel 🙂


Here is Guanajuato city just as the sun is setting.


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