‘World Book Day’ Book review- The Tiger Child

On the 5th of March, it was our World Book Day, where we look at different books and do activities based on them. This year we focused on multicultural books. We also got to dress up as book characters and it was fun to see what people had come as. This year we did four multicultural books, my favourite was ‘The Tiger Child’.


In ‘The Tiger Child’. a tiger sends his nephew out to get fire, but the nephew forgets what his uncle has asked for. He goes to lots of different houses, trying lots of different things, but still he cant remember what he was looking for. At the end, he remembers – it was fire! However by then, he was so used to people that he had turned in to a cat! That was my favourite part!

IMG_0631 IMG_0606


The activities we did were inspired by this book, because this book was from India, we tried some spices. We made tiger masks and a cushion, like the one that the tiger laid on. Also we painted a big tiger, and collaged it too! I would recommend the book, 5 stars! It was really fun!


Year 6


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