Class 4’s Replies to Angel, Guanajuanto

Dear Angel,

We are responding to you to answer some of your questions.

Our favourite video games are Fifa15 and Minecraft, on Minecraft you build things and fight for survival. Also on creative mode Minecraft you build with your imagination. Our pets are a hamster and a cat, the hamster is called Yaya and the cat is called Dave.

We hope you can reply soon,

From Alex and Austin

Dear Angel

Hi I’m Isobel ,

To start off I love your name. I Really liked reading your message.

I do not have any pets but I love dogs. My granddad has a dog called Bob he comes to my every day after school. He sits on my knee and watches TV. My favourite game is on my IPad it’s called Minecraft. I like sports Too my favourite is Net Ball and Badminton. My Favorite Mexican food is Fajitas.

Thanks again for writing.

Dear Angel

Thank you for your reply.
I have 6 friends.
My friend’s names are Michael, Joshua, Oliver, Austin, Alexander and Aidan.
I play on my bike with my best friend called Aidan.
Sometimes me and Aidan go to the park.
My favourite object at the park is the tire swing
I love going to the beach because I collect shells.
What do you do when you are at the beach?
Bailey, Joshua and Michael.

Hi Angel,

We all loved reading your letters, and finding out about you. Your dog, Kimbo, sounds great, but sadly I (Lottie) don’t have any pets, Anwen has a cat called Chloe.

Our favourite television programme is Wolfblood. It’s about people turning into wolves, but it’s not actually that scary! We like programmes with action in them. What kind of programmes do you like?

We are a small school, so a lot of us are friends. We like to go swimming together, have sleepovers and go shopping!

Love Lottie and Anwen x


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