Inter-school production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

On Tuesday the 24h of March we had an exciting day! At school, we went in first for lunch because we had to set off at 12:30 to get to Hendal Primary School in time for our performance of ‘Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat’. Seventeen children and two adults  traveled to Hendal in cars, we went in Mrs Grindles car.

When we arrived we warmed up with some little songs, there was a funny song about a banana! After that we went to sit on the stage. At first I sat next to a girl from a different school and there was no room until she very kindly budged up so i could sit down properly. Next we practiced the Joseph songs with the other children taking part  from Crigglestone St James, Dane Royd, Mackie Hill, Hendal and a band from Salendine Nook High School. They came all the way from Huddersfield!


At 2:30 we were aloud a break and were given biscuits and juice. We then played outside and got a chance to meet and play with all the children from different schools. Some of us made friends and got to meet children who would be at the same high school in September.

We went back inside and carried on practicing the rest of the songs. After that we each were given coloured ‘Joseph’ T-shirts that were paid for by Wakefield Music Services! Ours were yellow and green.

Then it was time for tea, most of our school stayed at school and had a packed lunch but we went home to eat. Once we were all back at 5:45 we all lined up ready to start the performance. We all went in to the hall and sat on the stage where we could see all the parents that had come to watch us. Our head teacher was there too!


Sam was Pharaoh and did a really good job, he  got a special tie dye T-shirt for being so good at singing his solo! We had an amazing time and it was really fun because we were aloud to wear our coloured ‘Joseph’ T-shirts at school the next day!

By Grace and Brianna


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