Egg Day

It is Friday the 27th of March and today is ‘Egg day’! 

‘Egg Day’ is the best day ever because everyone brings in an egg to decorate. All of the children are making lots of different themed eggs and some are very artistic.

Some of the egg themes in our class are :

Shark attack, Josegg and the Technicolor Dream Coat, Eggs got talent, Shregg and Donkey, Busy bee, Ballerina egg, Monstegg University and Scrambled egg!

There are lots and lots of different themes and every one worked very hard.

One of the egg designs is by Lily and called ‘A walk in the park’. It is egg-celent and has three bunnies and a waterfall made by mixing water with glitter. I am also amazed by a year three girl’s egg…it is an egg factory! She has used three or four eggs and it is very good. I can’t believe it!

Members of the  community have joined us for lunch and are judging which eggs are the best. It must be a very hard job.

It is now time to go in to assembly to see who has won! I am egg-cited to see who the winner is!

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Glee Club sung two songs at the start of the assembly and then the winners were announced. Each class had a first, second and third place prize. All the prizes were chocolate! The winning children were:

Foundation Stage: Darcy and Lucas, Ava C and Isaac.

Class 2: Joseph P, Eden and Melissa

Class 3: Lucy, Oliver and Frances

Class 4: Eli, Isobel and Lottie.

The winners of the easter egg raffle were then announced. Tickets were sold for 20p during the week. There were lots of prizes such as: Mars and Buttons easter eggs, Cadburys cream eggs, chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.

The whole school finished the assembly by singing Gary Barlow’s song ‘Sing’ for the community.  Our parents came to pick us up early and we were aloud to go on a tour around all of the eggs in the school.

Egg Day was great!

By Maddie and Frances


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