BBC Radio 2 – 500 WORDS

The very talented Lottie, from Year 6, has written a fictional story for BBC Radio 2’s ‘500 WORDS’ competition and will be competing against 120, 421 children. Lottie will be entered in to the ’10-13 years’ catagory and her story will be judged on: Originality, plot, characterisation, language and enjoyment. We wish her the very best of luck!

Panther Goes Down in Treetoptown The jungle was in jeopardy. Ollie the orang-utan, ruler of the Kingdom of Treetoptown, had lost his magic coconut! It held all of his magical powers, and, without it, the Kingdom would be totally out of order! Already, parrots with feathers that looked as if rainbows had been squashed into them, squawked in despair; cheeky, chattering monkeys with orange afros as big as clouds, started to lose hope – all because of the stolen coconut. Yes, stolen! An evil, scheming villain, Pete the Panther, had taken the coconut at the crack of dawn, in order to rule the whole jungle by himself! Meanwhile, Ollie was thinking up a plan to outwit Pete – his enemy, and to reclaim the coconut. He saw some monkeys hanging down from a tree, and it gave him a cheeky plan. Packing some bananas, he whistled six monkeys over; they all agreed that they needed to get the coconut back. And fast! As they were travelling to the spot where Pete the Panther was lurking – the twisted tree – Ollie told the troop the plan, and there were shouts of, “We can defeat him!” and, “Yeah, great idea!” Suddenly Ollie and the monkeys stopped dead in their tracks. They had spied Pete, lying stretched out under the tree, clutching their coconut, and they wanted revenge. Luckily they were behind Pete, which made it easier to slink towards him. Tiptoeing through the tangled vines, they held their breath. Upon reaching the tree, the six monkeys edged along the trailing branch hanging above the dozing panther. They knew exactly where to position themselves; they were Treetoptown monkeys! The first one slid stealthily off the branch, with another holding onto his legs, and then the same with the second, third and so on, until they were all lined up, ready for the catch. The closest one to Pete the Panther was about 10cm above his head, so if one slipped, the plan could go terribly wrong. Gathering all of his strength and courage, the brave monkey reached out to grab the treasured coconut. Without faltering, two little hands grasped the coconut, carefully lifting it to safety. Pete flinched! Slowly turning his head, he roared and glared at the line of clinging, nervous little monkeys – one with the coconut held victoriously above his head! “Run!!!” cried Ollie. As quick as they could, the monkeys heaved one another up, clutching the coconut as if it were the scroll of destiny. Ollie suddenly stopped and, grabbing the bananas he had packed, he fired them directly into Pete’s mouth! Stunned, Pete dropped to the ground, giving the troop time to escape! Helplessly, Pete watched them swing through the vines to safety. In utter humiliation, he spat the bananas out of his mouth; he had been defeated! Grinning from ear to ear, and cartwheeling crazily, Ollie and the monkeys reached Treetoptown with the magic coconut. Gingerly Ollie placed the coconut back on the royal podium, and announced, “Mango cocktails anyone?!”

For more information look at the ‘BBC Radio 2 – 500 WORDS’ website by clicking on the picture below.



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