Light Painting Workshop

As part of ‘Science Week’ the children of West Bretton were lucky enough to welcome artist Hadeep Sahota to spend three days in school teaching them to light paint. Hardeep, who carries out art and dance workshops in schools, is an IGNITE artist who works closely with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Light painting, or light drawing, is a photography technique that involves moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph. It can be used either to light up a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera.


Here’s what the children thought:

My favourite part of the day was the light painting because you can make anything out of light. My other favorite part was the pixelstick picture becuse it was fun when Hardeep ran around us with the pixel stick!

Austin- Year 5

I liked it when we took the pictures and created some really cool patterns. It was fun! The other things I liked were making the wire models and the acting. I wish we could do it again!

Dylan- Year 6

When the artist came in it was really fun! We had a picture of a sculpture that we had to make a story up about. Next we did some acting, it was really funny when we were watching everybody perform.

Maddy- Year 3

I liked the light painting because it was colourful and pretty, especially the pixel stick. I also liked the story making because you could be really creative. I would like to do it again but make sculptures with clay instead of wire.

Brianna- Year 5

I liked it when we wrote down what we thought different pictures of sculptures were about. I allowed me to let my mind go where it hadn’t gone before and let my be adventurous with my thoughts. I enjoyed making wire sculptures because you could be abstract and make whatever you liked. I would like to get better at light painting because some of our pictures weren’t very clear. I would like to try it again with more lights.

Sam L- Year 6

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I enjoyed light painting, it was very fun! I liked that it was different to what we normally do in art. Light painting is great and the drama was really funny.

Lilly- Year 4

I liked making wire sculptures because it was really fun and i got to use my imagination. I also liked light painting because it was really pretty and colourful. I would really like to take light painting much further and do a lot more of it!

Freya- Year 6

I enjoyed light painting because at the end Hardeep ran around us with a huge pixel stick. I liked making the wire sculptures too because I made a person and my friend made a hat!

Bailey- Year 5

When the artist came in it was so fun because we got to use digital cameras to take pictures of light!

Frances- Year 3

It was an amazing experience! I learnt a lot of different things about light. Overall my favourite part of the day was the light painting because you could express yourself. I would love to try and experiment at home!

Olivia H- Year 6


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