Plans for the garden

In Student Council this year we have worked towards many different goals (and achieved all of them!).

This term we have put our main focus on the garden. At our school we love being able to do outdoor activities and enjoying the fresh air and sun; for this reason we decided to re-do our garden. Lots of people worked hard to prepare this and help make this happen.

In our first Student Council meeting we discussed the changes that needed to be made, the things we needed to do to make these changes and finally the ideas regarding the project.

We then met up together, two weeks later, at lunch time to take measurements and discuss what we wanted to do with the garden: we came to the conclusion of getting paving stones to pave the entire garden.


After weeks of planning we decided to get year 5/6 (the eldest pupils in school) involved. Last Friday we tidied up the garden and enjoyed it very much! We weeded all four beds and chose where to re-plant some trees on the field.

We haven’t finished the garden yet but we are having so much fun making our school nicer!

By Olivia H


Student Council


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