Bailey’s half term diary


Dear Diary,

Today I went to Meadowhall, to the game shop. I went in hoping to get some Wii games but instead I got one for the Xbox One, OMG! When I got home I tore off the wrapping, plugged everything in, and started playing the game. I even installed a game called ‘The Witcher Wild Hunt’ first because it was an action game. It ages and by the time it had fully downloaded I was in bed.


Dear Diary,

Today I stayed in bed all day because I was very tired from yesterday. I felt very warm because outside it was sunny and I was wrapped up in a thick duvet.


Dear Diary,

Today, at 6:00pm, I went to the ‘Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at Leeds Arena. First of all the Daleks came on to the stage and announced “This stadium is now under Dalek command, orchestra start playing Dalek music!!”                                                    The conductor used his sonic baton and tried to fight the Daleks, LOL!

After another song the Cybermen came onstage. One nearly smaked me in the head because he couldn’t see very well. Soon after we all heard a big bang , one of the Cyber men was falling down the stairs! Next, after two hours of Doctor Who characters and music we got stuck in the car park for three hours (BORING).


Dear Diary,

Today I played on the Xbox One with my friend, Aiden. I played on the ‘Witcher Wild Hunt’ while Aiden was on my laptop. It was pretty boring after that though because Aiden had to go to his mums house.


Dear Diary,

Today I went on holiday to Southport, which is near Liverpool. It took a while but after two hours we finaly made it to the caravan park. While we were there we went to ‘Splash World’ and ‘Lazer Zone’. Unfortunately ‘Splash world wasn’t open so instead we went to the ‘ Stockport Food and Drink Festival’. It was Great!


Class 4


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