Class 3’s visit to Bagshaw Museum

First we got to school, we had all our lunch boxes on the tables ready for our trip to Bagshaw Museum. Next we went to the toilet because the bus journey was going to be half an hour long. Once every body came back we split up in to partners, ready to get on the bus. I was with Iona and we made sure that we were sat next to our other friends, Elizabeth and Amelie. It was great because we were singing songs and telling jokes…they were very funny!

Finally we arrived, we were split up in to two groups and put away our coats and bags. We were then ready to begin our introduction to the day. One group went upstairs and one group stayed down stairs, downstairs we were learning to be archaeologists by finding things in the sand.

After that we went upstairs and swapped with the other group. In the museum upstairs we saw lots of exciting things from ancient Egypt! Next we had our lunch before going in to another work shop. We learnt the fourteen ways to mummify people and Oliver volunteered to get wrapped up like a mummy!

It was then time to go home, I had a wonderful time!

By Ellie M

Year 4


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