Class 2’s forest trip

Last half term Class 2 were lucky enough to visit the forest as part of there ‘Houses and homes’ topic. While they were there they built dens, made fire and even toasted marshmallows!

Here is what two children had to say about the day:

I found a dinosaur fossil near the den, it was hard and looked like a dinosaur. There were more fossils but I found this one. I’m going to bring it back in to school and show everyone and tell them about it.

We made a fire with wood, we used flint. There was a bow drill that spun a stick. The stick made the wood hot and a made fire. We toasted marshmallows and ate them with chocolate digestive biscuits.

We all made dens out of blue stuff and twigs. We used camouflage, the blue stuff wasn’t camouflage so we used a net with leaves. The camouflage kept the den safe because it looked like leaves and people weren’t able to see it.


Year 1

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I was very excited to go to the forest because I thought there would be lots of exciting things to see and do.

We tried to make fire. We used special things to set cotton wool on fire. We rubbed them together, I couldn’t do it but I made it spark!

We all made dens, ours had a roof and no walls. It had logs in the door so no one could get in. We tied it with bits of string and decorated it with flowers and leaves. It was covered in a camouflage net so no one could see it and to keep us safe from danger.

We ate marshmallows and chocolate biscuits. The marshmallow got put on a stick and were held over the fire. When it got hot it was taken away and put between two chocolate biscuits. The stick was then taken away.

I loved going to the forest because it was lots of fun!


Year 2







The children even made food to go in their shelters and sofas. They had a Brussel sprout and a green leaf salad.
They loved making fire.

The children loved making the dens and Cameron found dinosaur bones!


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