Archery Club

Every Tuesday for the past 6 weeks, the children have been attending archery club and have really enjoyed it. For the first 15 minutes they have been doing skills, like shooting at targets. Then the next 30 minutes a game, which changes every week. For the last 15 minutes they play a maths game. In this game they play against another person, the instructor calls out a time table the first one that gets the answer right, has to shoot the other person. The winners go to the right side and the unlucky ones go to the left .They do this until 2 people are remaining .


Opinions about archery club.

Do you like archery club?

Anwen: Yes because it’s something we have never done and is a  great opportunity .

Lottie: Of course – it is different every week and because we haven’t done archery before.

Oliver : Yes because I like the games.

Sam: Its good because I get to practice for the archery I do out of school.

Which is your favourite part of archery?

Anwen : The games because it is lots of fun and challenging.

Lottie: The games because I enjoy playing with different people.

Oliver: The bigger games because you can shoot other people.

Sam: The games, especially capture the flag.

Do you think it is challenging?

Anwen: Yes because there are different games and you learn something new.

Lottie: Yes because I think I have improved from attending archery.

Oliver : It wasn’t as challenging for me because I have done it before.

 Do you like the teacher?

Anwen: Yes because he is enthusiastic.

Oliver: He was nice and encouraging.

Do you feel safe?

Lottie :Yes because there are strict rules and if we don’t stick to them we get sent off.

Anwen: yes because we are not allowed to shoot above the waist and we have to wear helmets.


As you can see all of the children have really enjoyed archery. Year ¾ are all exited to now attend this club.


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