Head boy and Head girl elections

When reading the children’s end of year questionnaires Mrs Womersley found that they thought the school would benefit from appointing a Head boy and Head girl.It was suggested that a sensible and reliable boy and girl from Year 6 should be elected by their peers to assist the School Council in continuing to make West Bretton School somewhere to be proud of.

Alexander, Mikala, Isobel and Brianna delivered their speeches to the whole school in Monday morning’s assembly. All four children did a fantastic job and made the staff and pupils of West Bretton proud.


Below you can find copies of the candidate’s speeches and presentations:


Brianna’s Head Girl Presentation



My name is Alexander,

I’s like to be head boy.

When you’ve heard all the speeches,

I hope you make the right choice.

I’m sensible and organised,

With a sympathetic ear.

So if you have a problem,

You know I’m always here.

I’ll give any adult, child or visitor,

My very well mannered respect.

I’ll do my best for everyone,

It’s the least you can expect.

I’d be honoured if you chose me,

Ahead of all the rest,

And ill give you 110% effort

To make West Bretton the best!



Isobel’s Head Girl Presentation

Isobel also made a music video with her friends to show during assembly.



Mikala delivered a heart felt speech about why she should be voted head girl. Her speech included quotes from her friends about her and lots of fantastic ideas about how she would help the school change for the better. Mikala articulately described herself as reliable, approachable and hard working, all traits a Head Girl should have!


The new Head boy and Head girl of West Bretton Junior and Infant school are…

Isobel and Alex!



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