Year 6’s trip to Robinwood

On the 18th – 20th of September, six of our Year 6 children went on their class residential trip with Netherton School to Robinwood.

We had a fantastic time and the activities were great. Our leaders were Mike, Matthew, Shazia they were all amazing and very supportive.

First we did the night line it was all about working as a team by passing messages. We all had goggles on and we couldn’t see anything, there was a rope we had to follow through obstacles.

Next,we did the water activities like canoeing and raft building. Canoeing was great we learnt how to move the boat in different directions by using our oar. We also played lots of games in our canoe. Raft building was fun, when we had made our rafts we tested them on the lake (people kept falling in). At the end we did a sky dive into the lake it was freezing.

In the evening we did a team challenge where we had to split up in to teams and played games. The group with the most ping pong balls won! Before bed we had hot chocolate, the first night was scary because some of us hadn’t stayed away from home before but the night staff were great put us at ease.

The next day was packed with activities like the trapeze. The trapeze was very scary because we had to jump off a 4 metre high platform and grab onto a pole. The zip-wire was next it was so long and high. Everyone loved the giant swing and the faces people pulled were hilarious. We did lots more activities over all three days.

We loved our time at Robin wood and would like to to say thank you to all the staff.

Have a look at what we got up to:

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Isobel Year 6


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