Blue Planet

Monday 1st February 2016

As a class, in year 5-6 , we went on a school trip to Blue Planet Aquarium. There was so much to learn, and to discover about the amazing mysterious sea creatures/creatures! We went on this magnificent trip due to our topic (water, water everywhere! ).

We got to watch an amazing under water show, and we got to see some divers swimming with the sharks and deadly creatures! It was very fascinating as I had never seen anyone swim with sharks! I can tell you now , I wouldn’t ever dare swim with them!


But you haven’t heard the best part yet……!

There was a very unique tunnel with a moving floor, which took you through the middle of the sea creature’s humungous tank. When I was travelling through the tank on the moving rubber floor, I imagined that I was lost in the sea with all the wonderful creatures. Some were big , some were small and some were so tiny that you would probably need the world’s strongest microscope to be able to study them properly. The roof of the tunnel was made out of glass too. I loved staring up at the roof as the big graceful rays spread their wings like butterflies soaring through the sky in the summer. I was lost in my own world, and I would love to be a fish in the tank, with nothing on my mind, just carelessly swimming around with all of my sea creature friends around me.

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The graceful music entranced me and made me as quite as a mouse. I was gently being moved by the magical moving floor. I was lost in all the different colours, where ever I looked there was something new for my eyes to scan and something else to discover and learn about each different species. It was a totally amazing and different experience.


I would rate this school trip 10/10. I think it was a super day and would be suitable for all ages! Check out their website at !


Class 4



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