Young Voices – Sheffield Arena, 19.1.16

Here is what Sophie (6) and Grace (7) from Year 2 had to say about their very first Young Voices experience:

Sophie: When we got there we found our seats, we were right at the bottom, near the stage!

Grace: I felt nervous because I knew that everybody would be able to see us and would be looking to see if we knew our words.

Sophie: Next we practiced singing all the songs, we practiced with someone called Tom Billington. I thought it was a bit weird that he held his nose in Video Killed The Radio Star. He ran around and kept popping up in different places in the choir! He was lots of fun.

Grace: I liked Laura Wright, she was very good and I really liked her long white dress. It was lovely and she was very pretty!

Sophie: Andy from the DVD came to dance with us, he is very funny. We had to copy his dancer friends from Urban Strides. They helped us to remember the actions, they were super dancers!

Sophie: Barney from Blue Peter was there too! He had a special challenge. He had to conduct the choir.

Grace: I was amazed that we might get to be on Blue Peter and it was really exciting that we got to see Barney.

Grace: I was very nervous at the start because there were hundreds of people there and I’m not used to singing in front of so many people!

Sophie: I was used to it because I went to see my big sister sing at Young Voices last year! I had to wait until I was old enough to join it, it was worth the wait!

Grace: I loved it! I would like to go again next year because it was really big and I like big stuff! It was better than I ever imagined.

Sophie: I would like to go again too! It feels like you are on top of the world because it is ginormous!

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