The bark in the dark.

Our Blue Read, Write, Inc. group wrote some fantastic stories about a guard dog called Barker this morning!

They used lots of different techniques to build up tension and to scare the reader.

Here is some of their work:

Suddenly there was flying glass…Out of nowhere someone threw a rock. Barker heard a big loud BANG. Barker was frightened of the glass. He heard a big footstep outside. The thief put his head through the window. Barker barked! The thief ran away.


Year 1

Out of nowhere Barker heard little footsteps coming to the window…the thieves had stolen a hammer from Dad’s toolbox. They used the hammer and broke the window and Barker bit one of the thieves! He was bleeding. The thief wanted to scream. Barker was terrified and frightened but the thieves ran away. Everyone said “Barker you are a star”.


Year 1 


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