The bark in the dark.

Our Blue Read, Write, Inc. group wrote some fantastic stories about a guard dog called Barker this morning!

They used lots of different techniques to build up tension and to scare the reader.

Here is some of their work:

Suddenly there was flying glass…Out of nowhere someone threw a rock. Barker heard a big loud BANG. Barker was frightened of the glass. He heard a big footstep outside. The thief put his head through the window. Barker barked! The thief ran away.


Year 1

Out of nowhere Barker heard little footsteps coming to the window…the thieves had stolen a hammer from Dad’s toolbox. They used the hammer and broke the window and Barker bit one of the thieves! He was bleeding. The thief wanted to scream. Barker was terrified and frightened but the thieves ran away. Everyone said “Barker you are a star”.


Year 1 


Young Voices – Sheffield Arena, 19.1.16

Here is what Sophie (6) and Grace (7) from Year 2 had to say about their very first Young Voices experience:

Sophie: When we got there we found our seats, we were right at the bottom, near the stage!

Grace: I felt nervous because I knew that everybody would be able to see us and would be looking to see if we knew our words.

Sophie: Next we practiced singing all the songs, we practiced with someone called Tom Billington. I thought it was a bit weird that he held his nose in Video Killed The Radio Star. He ran around and kept popping up in different places in the choir! He was lots of fun.

Grace: I liked Laura Wright, she was very good and I really liked her long white dress. It was lovely and she was very pretty!

Sophie: Andy from the DVD came to dance with us, he is very funny. We had to copy his dancer friends from Urban Strides. They helped us to remember the actions, they were super dancers!

Sophie: Barney from Blue Peter was there too! He had a special challenge. He had to conduct the choir.

Grace: I was amazed that we might get to be on Blue Peter and it was really exciting that we got to see Barney.

Grace: I was very nervous at the start because there were hundreds of people there and I’m not used to singing in front of so many people!

Sophie: I was used to it because I went to see my big sister sing at Young Voices last year! I had to wait until I was old enough to join it, it was worth the wait!

Grace: I loved it! I would like to go again next year because it was really big and I like big stuff! It was better than I ever imagined.

Sophie: I would like to go again too! It feels like you are on top of the world because it is ginormous!

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Congratulations Queen Elizabeth!

n Wednesday the 9th of September West Bretton School celebrated Queen Elizabeth II being the longest reigning monarch. During morning assembly the whole school stood and practiced the National Anthem to celebrate. Each class then spent an afternoon learning about the Queen and why she is so important in modern Britain.

Class 2

Class 2 spent time designing the Queen some new crown jewels, making their own Union Jacks and decorating crowns with words related to the royal family and the Queen herself. Here’s what they had to say:

‘I am colouring in a crown and other things that the Queen has got. I am doing it because it is the Queens anniversary, she has been the Queen for 63 years.’ Cameron

‘I am colouring in an Union Jack, it is red, blue and white. It is our countries flag. We are celebrating the Queen’s anniversary, she has been Queen for the longest!’ Gracie Q

‘We are decorating crowns using words about the Queen, I have written gems and palace so far. I have written palace because she lives in Buckingham palace.’Evie C

‘The Queen has got grey hair and is very special. She sometimes wears a cloak and is very important. I will put the word ‘important’ on my crown.’ Lori

Foundation Stage

Foundation stage built castles fit for a Queen, drew portraits, made crowns AND DRESSED LIKE ROYALTY! They have learnt a lot today!

‘We are making pictures of the Queen and making crowns, I like the Queen.’ Zara

‘It’s Queen day! She has been sitting on her chair for a very long time!’ Maisey

‘The Queen’s job is to look after everyone in the country. She wears a pretty dress and a crown, a dazzling crown! She wears clip-clop shoes. She is on money and pennies and stamps.’ Isla

‘She lives in a castle and she does work all over the world.’ Jacob

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Each child in Class 3 took the role of ‘Royal Artist’ and produced some fantastic portraits of Queen Elizabeth.

‘We are sketching the Queen because she is the longest reigning British monarch’ Maddy

Class 4 spent time researching the Queen’s life so they could create beautiful pieces of work to display around school. The children found out about many things including the Queen’s different houses, different Prime Ministers that have served under the Queen and the Queen’s family.

‘We are researching the Queen because she is the longest reigning monarch, longer that Queen Victoria.’ Grace

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II we at West Bretton Junior and Infant School hope you reign for many years to come!

Class 2’s forest trip

Last half term Class 2 were lucky enough to visit the forest as part of there ‘Houses and homes’ topic. While they were there they built dens, made fire and even toasted marshmallows!

Here is what two children had to say about the day:

I found a dinosaur fossil near the den, it was hard and looked like a dinosaur. There were more fossils but I found this one. I’m going to bring it back in to school and show everyone and tell them about it.

We made a fire with wood, we used flint. There was a bow drill that spun a stick. The stick made the wood hot and a made fire. We toasted marshmallows and ate them with chocolate digestive biscuits.

We all made dens out of blue stuff and twigs. We used camouflage, the blue stuff wasn’t camouflage so we used a net with leaves. The camouflage kept the den safe because it looked like leaves and people weren’t able to see it.


Year 1

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I was very excited to go to the forest because I thought there would be lots of exciting things to see and do.

We tried to make fire. We used special things to set cotton wool on fire. We rubbed them together, I couldn’t do it but I made it spark!

We all made dens, ours had a roof and no walls. It had logs in the door so no one could get in. We tied it with bits of string and decorated it with flowers and leaves. It was covered in a camouflage net so no one could see it and to keep us safe from danger.

We ate marshmallows and chocolate biscuits. The marshmallow got put on a stick and were held over the fire. When it got hot it was taken away and put between two chocolate biscuits. The stick was then taken away.

I loved going to the forest because it was lots of fun!


Year 2







The children even made food to go in their shelters and sofas. They had a Brussel sprout and a green leaf salad.
They loved making fire.

The children loved making the dens and Cameron found dinosaur bones!

Tagota Primary and Nursery School, Tanzania

The children and staff  from West Bretton School were lucky enough to receive a visit  from Mrs Elizabeth Kitally from Tagota Primary and Nursery School in Tanzania. We learnt that in Elizabeth’s school there are no computers and very few text books. We prepared lots of resourses for Elizabeth to take back to Tanzania with her and West Bretton’s ‘Chic Charity Club’ arranged a charity fashion show in order to raise money to by a laptop for Tagota Primary. We received this letter of thanks: IMG_0981As part of their ‘Out of Africa’ topic Class 2 children have written some letters to Tagota Primary and Nursery School thanking them for their kind letter and asking them questions about Africa.

Dear Mr Magoiga, We are writing to you because we want to be your partner school. We would like to know about the animals in your country, like animals from safari, maybe an elephant. What animals do you have in your country? Our topic is ‘Out of Africa’ can you tell us what you have in a country like yours? We like the letter you sent us and we loved the pictures as well. Thank you for everything you sent us. Love from Sofia Year 2