Congratulations Queen Elizabeth!

n Wednesday the 9th of September West Bretton School celebrated Queen Elizabeth II being the longest reigning monarch. During morning assembly the whole school stood and practiced the National Anthem to celebrate. Each class then spent an afternoon learning about the Queen and why she is so important in modern Britain.

Class 2

Class 2 spent time designing the Queen some new crown jewels, making their own Union Jacks and decorating crowns with words related to the royal family and the Queen herself. Here’s what they had to say:

‘I am colouring in a crown and other things that the Queen has got. I am doing it because it is the Queens anniversary, she has been the Queen for 63 years.’ Cameron

‘I am colouring in an Union Jack, it is red, blue and white. It is our countries flag. We are celebrating the Queen’s anniversary, she has been Queen for the longest!’ Gracie Q

‘We are decorating crowns using words about the Queen, I have written gems and palace so far. I have written palace because she lives in Buckingham palace.’Evie C

‘The Queen has got grey hair and is very special. She sometimes wears a cloak and is very important. I will put the word ‘important’ on my crown.’ Lori

Foundation Stage

Foundation stage built castles fit for a Queen, drew portraits, made crowns AND DRESSED LIKE ROYALTY! They have learnt a lot today!

‘We are making pictures of the Queen and making crowns, I like the Queen.’ Zara

‘It’s Queen day! She has been sitting on her chair for a very long time!’ Maisey

‘The Queen’s job is to look after everyone in the country. She wears a pretty dress and a crown, a dazzling crown! She wears clip-clop shoes. She is on money and pennies and stamps.’ Isla

‘She lives in a castle and she does work all over the world.’ Jacob

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Each child in Class 3 took the role of ‘Royal Artist’ and produced some fantastic portraits of Queen Elizabeth.

‘We are sketching the Queen because she is the longest reigning British monarch’ Maddy

Class 4 spent time researching the Queen’s life so they could create beautiful pieces of work to display around school. The children found out about many things including the Queen’s different houses, different Prime Ministers that have served under the Queen and the Queen’s family.

‘We are researching the Queen because she is the longest reigning monarch, longer that Queen Victoria.’ Grace

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II we at West Bretton Junior and Infant School hope you reign for many years to come!


Class 3’s visit to Bagshaw Museum

First we got to school, we had all our lunch boxes on the tables ready for our trip to Bagshaw Museum. Next we went to the toilet because the bus journey was going to be half an hour long. Once every body came back we split up in to partners, ready to get on the bus. I was with Iona and we made sure that we were sat next to our other friends, Elizabeth and Amelie. It was great because we were singing songs and telling jokes…they were very funny!

Finally we arrived, we were split up in to two groups and put away our coats and bags. We were then ready to begin our introduction to the day. One group went upstairs and one group stayed down stairs, downstairs we were learning to be archaeologists by finding things in the sand.

After that we went upstairs and swapped with the other group. In the museum upstairs we saw lots of exciting things from ancient Egypt! Next we had our lunch before going in to another work shop. We learnt the fourteen ways to mummify people and Oliver volunteered to get wrapped up like a mummy!

It was then time to go home, I had a wonderful time!

By Ellie M

Year 4

Egg Day

It is Friday the 27th of March and today is ‘Egg day’! 

‘Egg Day’ is the best day ever because everyone brings in an egg to decorate. All of the children are making lots of different themed eggs and some are very artistic.

Some of the egg themes in our class are :

Shark attack, Josegg and the Technicolor Dream Coat, Eggs got talent, Shregg and Donkey, Busy bee, Ballerina egg, Monstegg University and Scrambled egg!

There are lots and lots of different themes and every one worked very hard.

One of the egg designs is by Lily and called ‘A walk in the park’. It is egg-celent and has three bunnies and a waterfall made by mixing water with glitter. I am also amazed by a year three girl’s egg…it is an egg factory! She has used three or four eggs and it is very good. I can’t believe it!

Members of the  community have joined us for lunch and are judging which eggs are the best. It must be a very hard job.

It is now time to go in to assembly to see who has won! I am egg-cited to see who the winner is!

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Glee Club sung two songs at the start of the assembly and then the winners were announced. Each class had a first, second and third place prize. All the prizes were chocolate! The winning children were:

Foundation Stage: Darcy and Lucas, Ava C and Isaac.

Class 2: Joseph P, Eden and Melissa

Class 3: Lucy, Oliver and Frances

Class 4: Eli, Isobel and Lottie.

The winners of the easter egg raffle were then announced. Tickets were sold for 20p during the week. There were lots of prizes such as: Mars and Buttons easter eggs, Cadburys cream eggs, chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.

The whole school finished the assembly by singing Gary Barlow’s song ‘Sing’ for the community.  Our parents came to pick us up early and we were aloud to go on a tour around all of the eggs in the school.

Egg Day was great!

By Maddie and Frances

If i were the Prime Minister I would…

After reading the book ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ by Nicholas Allan on ‘World Book Day’ Class 3 were challenged to put themselves in David Cameron’s shoes.


Year 3/4 did a fantastic job of demonstrating their British values by completing the sentence: ‘If I were the Prime Minister I would…’. 

“If I were the Prime Minister I would make sure that people stop killing endangered animals.” Georgina

“If I were the Prime Minister I would make smoking illegal. I would also make keeping wild animals illegal.” Evie

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help make  people, animals and the Earth safer.” Oscar

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help save the environment and help save lives. I would bring all stray animals inside.” Oliver G

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help animals if they were in danger and give more to the poor.” Amelie

“If I were the Prime Minister I would give money to the poor and give them more food.” Wilf

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help people who are on the streets, give them some money and make everything safe.” Lucy

“If I were the Prime Minister I would help the poor people who don’t have any money and help wild animals.” Madeleine

“If I were the Prime Minister I would give poor people nice houses.” Iona

“If I were the Prime Minister I would ask the rich to help the poor.” Esther

Year 3/4’s Trip to Bradford Media Museum

On the 26th of February Class 3 visited Bradford Media Museum as part of their ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ Topic. When they returned each child was asked to write a recount of the day.

Here is Esther’s super piece of work:

On Tuesday, after a long coach trip, we arrived at the National Media Museum in Bradford. First we went to put our bags away and then we went to the lower ground floor to learn about lots of different cameras. Here is a list of the cameras: thermal imaging, web cam and also endoscope. We put the endoscope down Toby’s throat and we saw Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturrige. Brooke was an explainer, she also explained that she was a magician!


Next we went to the games room and we all played on lots of games. After that we all had lunch but we all didn’t finish because we only had twenty minutes. Afterwards we went to the Imax cinema, at the start of the film snow fell and ice shattered in to smithereens. Me and Mrs Scott had to dodge a snowball! The movie was called ‘The Arctic’ and it felt like you were taking part and stroking the animals, it was amazing!