Congratulations Queen Elizabeth!

n Wednesday the 9th of September West Bretton School celebrated Queen Elizabeth II being the longest reigning monarch. During morning assembly the whole school stood and practiced the National Anthem to celebrate. Each class then spent an afternoon learning about the Queen and why she is so important in modern Britain.

Class 2

Class 2 spent time designing the Queen some new crown jewels, making their own Union Jacks and decorating crowns with words related to the royal family and the Queen herself. Here’s what they had to say:

‘I am colouring in a crown and other things that the Queen has got. I am doing it because it is the Queens anniversary, she has been the Queen for 63 years.’ Cameron

‘I am colouring in an Union Jack, it is red, blue and white. It is our countries flag. We are celebrating the Queen’s anniversary, she has been Queen for the longest!’ Gracie Q

‘We are decorating crowns using words about the Queen, I have written gems and palace so far. I have written palace because she lives in Buckingham palace.’Evie C

‘The Queen has got grey hair and is very special. She sometimes wears a cloak and is very important. I will put the word ‘important’ on my crown.’ Lori

Foundation Stage

Foundation stage built castles fit for a Queen, drew portraits, made crowns AND DRESSED LIKE ROYALTY! They have learnt a lot today!

‘We are making pictures of the Queen and making crowns, I like the Queen.’ Zara

‘It’s Queen day! She has been sitting on her chair for a very long time!’ Maisey

‘The Queen’s job is to look after everyone in the country. She wears a pretty dress and a crown, a dazzling crown! She wears clip-clop shoes. She is on money and pennies and stamps.’ Isla

‘She lives in a castle and she does work all over the world.’ Jacob

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Each child in Class 3 took the role of ‘Royal Artist’ and produced some fantastic portraits of Queen Elizabeth.

‘We are sketching the Queen because she is the longest reigning British monarch’ Maddy

Class 4 spent time researching the Queen’s life so they could create beautiful pieces of work to display around school. The children found out about many things including the Queen’s different houses, different Prime Ministers that have served under the Queen and the Queen’s family.

‘We are researching the Queen because she is the longest reigning monarch, longer that Queen Victoria.’ Grace

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II we at West Bretton Junior and Infant School hope you reign for many years to come!


EYFS Expressive arts and design

Upper Foundation Stage did some fantastic investigative learning yesterday afternoon.

The children were presented with a number of mysterious white tubs during their free flow activity. By reading the labels and looking inside they were able to identify the contents…powder paint! It was discovered that if the powder paint was mixed with water it would turn in to a liquid and no matter how much powder was added, the liquid would not turn back to a powder.

With their newly created liquid paint the children painted their own mini-beasts. They were then challenged to use the powder paint to colour in a large butterfly that had been outlined on the playground. By using the smooth, fine powder the butterfly was filled with a rainbow of colours. It was also found that new colours could be created by mixing the existing colours! The children even recognised that if the looked at their creation from above the could figure out what parts of their creation required a little more attention.

Here is what some of our children thought:

Darcy: We made a massive butterfly with lots of colours.

Orlaith: We looked at it from the climbing frame, we could see it better because it is higher. The paint was like powder.

Darcy: We mixed the powder with water and it went like coloured water.

Orlaith: We used our hands and rollers to mix the coloured powder.

Darcy: I got paint in my hair making snow angels in the powder.

Orlaith: The paint angels mixed the paint to make different colours.