Sing to the Top!

On the 22nd and 23rd of June a number of schools from the Wakefield District, Phil Needham and Geraldine Gaunt from Wakefield Music Hub all came together at Wakefield Theatre Royal to put on a performance of the school musical ‘Sing to the top’. The children and staff spent two days and one fantastic performance as students and teachers at ‘Pasture Best School’. This was a valuable experience for the schools involved and was truly enjoyed by cast and audience alike!

Below is a recount of the final day written by one of the children involved.

It was the final day of  the ‘Sing to the top’ rehearsals, and we were ready to get on the coach- a luxurious purple one- and pick up St James.

When we arrived, we got straight on to the stage and sang the finale – Aspire. I was so excited for the evening because my Mum and Dad were coming to watch and we were performing in front of a full house of people!

Learning the actions was fun; although it was very squashy, we were like sardines in a tin! My (and probably everyone else’s) legs ached, because we were stood up for ages, but it did have to be perfect.

Phew! Lunchtime! Whilst busily chatting to Anwen and Sophie (and obviously munching lunch), we heard Oliver (Ivor Nadir) testing his microphone. He said things like ‘I love chickens’ and ‘I once dyed my hair pink’.

Afterwards, we got our T-shirts from Geraldine Gaunt and Phil Needham, they wrote and organised ‘Sing to the top’. Our dress rehearsal looked amazing with all the dazzling bright colours! Every minute was coming together like a wonderful jigsaw.

Finally, after I had been home for tea it was showtime! Lights flashed down on us and we could feel the heat.

Wow! It was off to a good start, with everyone remembering their lines and singing the right notes. Last song. Come on, “We can do this” I thought. At last, when we sung the last note we got a rapturous applause- we felt so good! It just proved that when everyone came together to sing, they really can ‘Sing to the top’!


Year 6

The musical production was so successful our KS2 children performed it for their families, friends and the community back at school!

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‘Really enjoyed the performance – easily the best one yet!!’

The children and staff of West Bretton J & I School would like to thank all involved with the production, especially Phil Needham and Geraldine Gaunt without whom the experience would not have been possible.


Egg Day

It is Friday the 27th of March and today is ‘Egg day’! 

‘Egg Day’ is the best day ever because everyone brings in an egg to decorate. All of the children are making lots of different themed eggs and some are very artistic.

Some of the egg themes in our class are :

Shark attack, Josegg and the Technicolor Dream Coat, Eggs got talent, Shregg and Donkey, Busy bee, Ballerina egg, Monstegg University and Scrambled egg!

There are lots and lots of different themes and every one worked very hard.

One of the egg designs is by Lily and called ‘A walk in the park’. It is egg-celent and has three bunnies and a waterfall made by mixing water with glitter. I am also amazed by a year three girl’s egg…it is an egg factory! She has used three or four eggs and it is very good. I can’t believe it!

Members of the  community have joined us for lunch and are judging which eggs are the best. It must be a very hard job.

It is now time to go in to assembly to see who has won! I am egg-cited to see who the winner is!

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Glee Club sung two songs at the start of the assembly and then the winners were announced. Each class had a first, second and third place prize. All the prizes were chocolate! The winning children were:

Foundation Stage: Darcy and Lucas, Ava C and Isaac.

Class 2: Joseph P, Eden and Melissa

Class 3: Lucy, Oliver and Frances

Class 4: Eli, Isobel and Lottie.

The winners of the easter egg raffle were then announced. Tickets were sold for 20p during the week. There were lots of prizes such as: Mars and Buttons easter eggs, Cadburys cream eggs, chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.

The whole school finished the assembly by singing Gary Barlow’s song ‘Sing’ for the community.  Our parents came to pick us up early and we were aloud to go on a tour around all of the eggs in the school.

Egg Day was great!

By Maddie and Frances

Inter-school production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

On Tuesday the 24h of March we had an exciting day! At school, we went in first for lunch because we had to set off at 12:30 to get to Hendal Primary School in time for our performance of ‘Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat’. Seventeen children and two adults  traveled to Hendal in cars, we went in Mrs Grindles car.

When we arrived we warmed up with some little songs, there was a funny song about a banana! After that we went to sit on the stage. At first I sat next to a girl from a different school and there was no room until she very kindly budged up so i could sit down properly. Next we practiced the Joseph songs with the other children taking part  from Crigglestone St James, Dane Royd, Mackie Hill, Hendal and a band from Salendine Nook High School. They came all the way from Huddersfield!


At 2:30 we were aloud a break and were given biscuits and juice. We then played outside and got a chance to meet and play with all the children from different schools. Some of us made friends and got to meet children who would be at the same high school in September.

We went back inside and carried on practicing the rest of the songs. After that we each were given coloured ‘Joseph’ T-shirts that were paid for by Wakefield Music Services! Ours were yellow and green.

Then it was time for tea, most of our school stayed at school and had a packed lunch but we went home to eat. Once we were all back at 5:45 we all lined up ready to start the performance. We all went in to the hall and sat on the stage where we could see all the parents that had come to watch us. Our head teacher was there too!


Sam was Pharaoh and did a really good job, he  got a special tie dye T-shirt for being so good at singing his solo! We had an amazing time and it was really fun because we were aloud to wear our coloured ‘Joseph’ T-shirts at school the next day!

By Grace and Brianna

Glee Club’s performance in West Bretton Church


On Mothering Sunday, our school Glee Club went to West Bretton Church. Our Mums and Dads came to watch us sing, and they all really enjoyed it. We also sang hymns and said prayers.

The Vicar told us two stories, all about mothers caring for their children. We all said thank you to our lovely mums as well!

At the end Glee club gave out daffodils to all the women in the church. Also we had juice and buns at the end.

We really enjoyed our time at the church and we want to thank all the people that came to watch us.

We love spending time with the local community!

Watch our performance here:

By Anwen and Isobel

Glee Club