Year 6’s trip to Robinwood

On the 18th – 20th of September, six of our Year 6 children went on their class residential trip with Netherton School to Robinwood.

We had a fantastic time and the activities were great. Our leaders were Mike, Matthew, Shazia they were all amazing and very supportive.

First we did the night line it was all about working as a team by passing messages. We all had goggles on and we couldn’t see anything, there was a rope we had to follow through obstacles.

Next,we did the water activities like canoeing and raft building. Canoeing was great we learnt how to move the boat in different directions by using our oar. We also played lots of games in our canoe. Raft building was fun, when we had made our rafts we tested them on the lake (people kept falling in). At the end we did a sky dive into the lake it was freezing.

In the evening we did a team challenge where we had to split up in to teams and played games. The group with the most ping pong balls won! Before bed we had hot chocolate, the first night was scary because some of us hadn’t stayed away from home before but the night staff were great put us at ease.

The next day was packed with activities like the trapeze. The trapeze was very scary because we had to jump off a 4 metre high platform and grab onto a pole. The zip-wire was next it was so long and high. Everyone loved the giant swing and the faces people pulled were hilarious. We did lots more activities over all three days.

We loved our time at Robin wood and would like to to say thank you to all the staff.

Have a look at what we got up to:

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Isobel Year 6

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth!

n Wednesday the 9th of September West Bretton School celebrated Queen Elizabeth II being the longest reigning monarch. During morning assembly the whole school stood and practiced the National Anthem to celebrate. Each class then spent an afternoon learning about the Queen and why she is so important in modern Britain.

Class 2

Class 2 spent time designing the Queen some new crown jewels, making their own Union Jacks and decorating crowns with words related to the royal family and the Queen herself. Here’s what they had to say:

‘I am colouring in a crown and other things that the Queen has got. I am doing it because it is the Queens anniversary, she has been the Queen for 63 years.’ Cameron

‘I am colouring in an Union Jack, it is red, blue and white. It is our countries flag. We are celebrating the Queen’s anniversary, she has been Queen for the longest!’ Gracie Q

‘We are decorating crowns using words about the Queen, I have written gems and palace so far. I have written palace because she lives in Buckingham palace.’Evie C

‘The Queen has got grey hair and is very special. She sometimes wears a cloak and is very important. I will put the word ‘important’ on my crown.’ Lori

Foundation Stage

Foundation stage built castles fit for a Queen, drew portraits, made crowns AND DRESSED LIKE ROYALTY! They have learnt a lot today!

‘We are making pictures of the Queen and making crowns, I like the Queen.’ Zara

‘It’s Queen day! She has been sitting on her chair for a very long time!’ Maisey

‘The Queen’s job is to look after everyone in the country. She wears a pretty dress and a crown, a dazzling crown! She wears clip-clop shoes. She is on money and pennies and stamps.’ Isla

‘She lives in a castle and she does work all over the world.’ Jacob

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Each child in Class 3 took the role of ‘Royal Artist’ and produced some fantastic portraits of Queen Elizabeth.

‘We are sketching the Queen because she is the longest reigning British monarch’ Maddy

Class 4 spent time researching the Queen’s life so they could create beautiful pieces of work to display around school. The children found out about many things including the Queen’s different houses, different Prime Ministers that have served under the Queen and the Queen’s family.

‘We are researching the Queen because she is the longest reigning monarch, longer that Queen Victoria.’ Grace

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II we at West Bretton Junior and Infant School hope you reign for many years to come!

Sing to the Top!

On the 22nd and 23rd of June a number of schools from the Wakefield District, Phil Needham and Geraldine Gaunt from Wakefield Music Hub all came together at Wakefield Theatre Royal to put on a performance of the school musical ‘Sing to the top’. The children and staff spent two days and one fantastic performance as students and teachers at ‘Pasture Best School’. This was a valuable experience for the schools involved and was truly enjoyed by cast and audience alike!

Below is a recount of the final day written by one of the children involved.

It was the final day of  the ‘Sing to the top’ rehearsals, and we were ready to get on the coach- a luxurious purple one- and pick up St James.

When we arrived, we got straight on to the stage and sang the finale – Aspire. I was so excited for the evening because my Mum and Dad were coming to watch and we were performing in front of a full house of people!

Learning the actions was fun; although it was very squashy, we were like sardines in a tin! My (and probably everyone else’s) legs ached, because we were stood up for ages, but it did have to be perfect.

Phew! Lunchtime! Whilst busily chatting to Anwen and Sophie (and obviously munching lunch), we heard Oliver (Ivor Nadir) testing his microphone. He said things like ‘I love chickens’ and ‘I once dyed my hair pink’.

Afterwards, we got our T-shirts from Geraldine Gaunt and Phil Needham, they wrote and organised ‘Sing to the top’. Our dress rehearsal looked amazing with all the dazzling bright colours! Every minute was coming together like a wonderful jigsaw.

Finally, after I had been home for tea it was showtime! Lights flashed down on us and we could feel the heat.

Wow! It was off to a good start, with everyone remembering their lines and singing the right notes. Last song. Come on, “We can do this” I thought. At last, when we sung the last note we got a rapturous applause- we felt so good! It just proved that when everyone came together to sing, they really can ‘Sing to the top’!


Year 6

The musical production was so successful our KS2 children performed it for their families, friends and the community back at school!

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‘Really enjoyed the performance – easily the best one yet!!’

The children and staff of West Bretton J & I School would like to thank all involved with the production, especially Phil Needham and Geraldine Gaunt without whom the experience would not have been possible.

Class 4’s trip to Gravity

Class 4 had a wonderful time at Gravity, a trampoline park, in July. When the children returned to school they were challenged to write a Kennings Poem about their experience. A Kenning is a two word phrase describing an object, a Kennings Poem is made up of several Kennings to describe something or someone. Here is a fabulous example written by a member of Class 4:


Ankle slayer

Risk taker

Bum bouncer

Front flipper

Slam dunker

Breath taker

Speed runner

High jumper


Year 6

Archery Club

Every Tuesday for the past 6 weeks, the children have been attending archery club and have really enjoyed it. For the first 15 minutes they have been doing skills, like shooting at targets. Then the next 30 minutes a game, which changes every week. For the last 15 minutes they play a maths game. In this game they play against another person, the instructor calls out a time table the first one that gets the answer right, has to shoot the other person. The winners go to the right side and the unlucky ones go to the left .They do this until 2 people are remaining .


Opinions about archery club.

Do you like archery club?

Anwen: Yes because it’s something we have never done and is a  great opportunity .

Lottie: Of course – it is different every week and because we haven’t done archery before.

Oliver : Yes because I like the games.

Sam: Its good because I get to practice for the archery I do out of school.

Which is your favourite part of archery?

Anwen : The games because it is lots of fun and challenging.

Lottie: The games because I enjoy playing with different people.

Oliver: The bigger games because you can shoot other people.

Sam: The games, especially capture the flag.

Do you think it is challenging?

Anwen: Yes because there are different games and you learn something new.

Lottie: Yes because I think I have improved from attending archery.

Oliver : It wasn’t as challenging for me because I have done it before.

 Do you like the teacher?

Anwen: Yes because he is enthusiastic.

Oliver: He was nice and encouraging.

Do you feel safe?

Lottie :Yes because there are strict rules and if we don’t stick to them we get sent off.

Anwen: yes because we are not allowed to shoot above the waist and we have to wear helmets.


As you can see all of the children have really enjoyed archery. Year ¾ are all exited to now attend this club.

Class 2’s forest trip

Last half term Class 2 were lucky enough to visit the forest as part of there ‘Houses and homes’ topic. While they were there they built dens, made fire and even toasted marshmallows!

Here is what two children had to say about the day:

I found a dinosaur fossil near the den, it was hard and looked like a dinosaur. There were more fossils but I found this one. I’m going to bring it back in to school and show everyone and tell them about it.

We made a fire with wood, we used flint. There was a bow drill that spun a stick. The stick made the wood hot and a made fire. We toasted marshmallows and ate them with chocolate digestive biscuits.

We all made dens out of blue stuff and twigs. We used camouflage, the blue stuff wasn’t camouflage so we used a net with leaves. The camouflage kept the den safe because it looked like leaves and people weren’t able to see it.


Year 1

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I was very excited to go to the forest because I thought there would be lots of exciting things to see and do.

We tried to make fire. We used special things to set cotton wool on fire. We rubbed them together, I couldn’t do it but I made it spark!

We all made dens, ours had a roof and no walls. It had logs in the door so no one could get in. We tied it with bits of string and decorated it with flowers and leaves. It was covered in a camouflage net so no one could see it and to keep us safe from danger.

We ate marshmallows and chocolate biscuits. The marshmallow got put on a stick and were held over the fire. When it got hot it was taken away and put between two chocolate biscuits. The stick was then taken away.

I loved going to the forest because it was lots of fun!


Year 2







The children even made food to go in their shelters and sofas. They had a Brussel sprout and a green leaf salad.
They loved making fire.

The children loved making the dens and Cameron found dinosaur bones!

Bailey’s half term diary


Dear Diary,

Today I went to Meadowhall, to the game shop. I went in hoping to get some Wii games but instead I got one for the Xbox One, OMG! When I got home I tore off the wrapping, plugged everything in, and started playing the game. I even installed a game called ‘The Witcher Wild Hunt’ first because it was an action game. It ages and by the time it had fully downloaded I was in bed.


Dear Diary,

Today I stayed in bed all day because I was very tired from yesterday. I felt very warm because outside it was sunny and I was wrapped up in a thick duvet.


Dear Diary,

Today, at 6:00pm, I went to the ‘Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at Leeds Arena. First of all the Daleks came on to the stage and announced “This stadium is now under Dalek command, orchestra start playing Dalek music!!”                                                    The conductor used his sonic baton and tried to fight the Daleks, LOL!

After another song the Cybermen came onstage. One nearly smaked me in the head because he couldn’t see very well. Soon after we all heard a big bang , one of the Cyber men was falling down the stairs! Next, after two hours of Doctor Who characters and music we got stuck in the car park for three hours (BORING).


Dear Diary,

Today I played on the Xbox One with my friend, Aiden. I played on the ‘Witcher Wild Hunt’ while Aiden was on my laptop. It was pretty boring after that though because Aiden had to go to his mums house.


Dear Diary,

Today I went on holiday to Southport, which is near Liverpool. It took a while but after two hours we finaly made it to the caravan park. While we were there we went to ‘Splash World’ and ‘Lazer Zone’. Unfortunately ‘Splash world wasn’t open so instead we went to the ‘ Stockport Food and Drink Festival’. It was Great!


Class 4